Famous Private Investigator Prepares to Issue Comprehensive Report on the Two Sister Lucys Case. Read Investigator's One Line Email Statement Affirming that We Have a Case of the Utmost Gravity.

Yes, I do think that we have reached and passed the point where any reasonable person would want a formal Church investigation into the substitution issue. --- Veteran Private Investigator for Sister Lucy Truth, September 15, 2019 Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows.


  1. Yes, any reasonable person would want a formal Church investigation. Why aren't so-called traditionalists: priests, blogs, publications, doing anything to help Dr. Chojnowski spread the word? We have reached and passed the point where they should've been involved, especially in such a significant matter.

    Every now and then, we do hear meaningless chatter about uniting traditionalists..but exactly for what purpose? It's all talk, talk, talk...hurling insults at their "pope"...conferences and more conferences...endless, useless petitions... What good has it done? It's time they put away their toy soldiers and did something useful for a change.

  2. According to the book about Sister Lucy written by the Carmelite sisters in Portugal in 2013: "A Pathway Under the Gaze of Mary," Sister Lucy's family came to the convent when she died and viewed her body in the casket. I am sure they would have raised an alarm if that dead person was not their beloved relative. Of course people change as they grow old, but even an outsider can see a strong family resemblance between the person in the casket and Maria Dos Santos, Sr. Lucy's blood sister in her old age.

  3. Only problem with a formal church investigation would be that you would be asking
    those that created the problem, and have covered it up, to investigate themselves. It would be like an investigation of the lavender mafia. You would only get more coverup.

  4. Ya think Josephine?
    As an outsider I sure do do NOT see the personal resemblance to the woman in the casket.


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