ALERT: World-Class Handwriting Analyst Demonstrates that the Writings of "Sister Lucy" from after 1957 Were Forgeries. Analysis of "Third Secret" Released by Vatican in 2000, Forged 1969 Letter Urging Obedience and Submission to Paul VI, Signatures on Letters from 1967 and 1969, Letter about Consecration of Russia From 1980, and Manuscript Released by Carmelites of Coimbra and Used as the Basis for Sister Lucy's Official Biography Published by the Blue Army WERE ALL FORGERIES. Follow the Links to the Sworn Testimony Below.

New and Revised Analysis Comparing Known and Excepted Handwriting Samples form Sister Lucy to the Letter Written in November of 1969, in which complete obedience to Paul VI's revolutionary actions in the Church is urged. Analyst certifies that the "Third Secret" (written in 1944) released by the Vatican IS consistent with the known Sister Lucy's handwritings, leaving open the possibility of a "Fourth Secret."

Sworn testimony and analysis of "Manuscript of Sister Lucy" which served as the basis, put forward as authentic by the Carmelites of Coimbra, for Sister Lucy's official biography. This cleverly done forgery was published by the Blue Army.
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Signatures of Sister Lucy from the 1940s compared to those of documents in 1967 and 1969. Clever forgeries indicating that the Real Sister Lucy was gone from the scene by these years.
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Current and completed Facial Recognition Reports, Forensic Artist's Report, Plastic Surgeon's Report, Handwriting Analysts report, and Orthodontist Report can Be located at: 

Contributions to the Sister Lucy Truth fund for further research and investigations, can be made at:


  1. I just cannot understand how, any intellectually honest Catholic, isn't puzzling over the implications of all of this. You've provided proof of a large scale fraud, that has been perpetrated on the faithful for decades, by the Vatican, and no one, apart sedevacantists, has anything to say. Not a peep from Chris Ferrara or Michael Vorris or anyone. It seems that even those who seek to be Traditional Catholics, have entered the post-truth world, where scientific evidence isn't what it use to be somehow, and where narrative trumps truth or people are more attached to their idea of the truth, being the truth, than they are to the actual truth.

  2. Amazing how not even one major trad/ semi trad blegger is on to this,
    Or the Fatima center, where are you, and Mr Ferrara ???
    I wish fr gruner were still alive, he would have been all over this.
    Is Ann Barnhardt aware of all this??? She s the only who can see the truth right now about where we are in the eschatological scheme of things.


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