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Who Cares? The Remnant Moderator (Michael Matt?) Excises the Papacy from the "traditional Catholic Religion." Horrible Question to the 20,000 Pilgrims. Who do you see as a Rock of the Catholic Faith? Michael Matt's Remnant or "the Vatican of Pope Francis". Another little question. I thought "Counter-Revolutionaries" were Ultramontanists not Gallicans?

How many of those 20,000 still believe that Bergoglio is the legitimate pope?


Who cares?

"to let the whole world know that faithful practicing Catholics who go to Mass every Sunday no longer accept the Vatican of Pope Francis as a moral authority on anything."

Dr. Chojnowski: Is the Remnant Romanticism, displayed on the "annual Chartres Pilgrimage" moving the "resistance" to the Conciliar Church from Gallicanism to full-scale Protestantism? Would even King Louis XIV say what Michael Matt said in the above clip (around the 20 min. mark) in which the teaching authority of the man he is certainly calling pope is completely rejected and the independence of "traditional Catholics" is being asserted? Are we assuming the mantle of High Church Anglicans, but without the Queen? I think so. Surely no one, who has any awareness of the apostasy in the world today, on display in every form of public life, would say that there is a massive uprising of "traditional Catholicism" against  the Modernism which has successfully formed the Conciliar Church and usurped the real estate of the once expansive Catholic Church. The true Catholic faithful, seemingly more scattered than ever, fights to hang on against a world that slides from the secular to the unnatural, an ecclesiastical institutional organization that demonstrates the most revolting vices imaginable and one that has become a scandal to the world, and, most importantly really, a movement of "traditional Catholicism" which is being transformed from a faithful remnant into a confused and scattered group of High Church "Catholics" who are bending to the psychological pressure of the inanity of the Modernist apostates and changing the most basic aspects and doctrines of the Catholic Faith --- without which no one is saved. Since when has the answer to universal apostasy been to excise the centrality of the papacy from the doctrine of the Church along with the doctrine that one must have the Catholic Faith --- in its purity and entirety in order to be considered "in the Church" and a Catholic believer. 

Tell me I am wrong when I observe that we are being relegated to a pope who is ignored, a priesthood that is derided, doctrinal statements and teachings that are condemned, and a church which is majority heretical and non-Catholic. 

Perhaps with a little clear thinking, Catholics can figure out who they are and be proud again. 

What has struck me most in the past weeks is that the Catholic Religion and Faith was ALWAYS ABOUT CERTAINTY. ABSOLUTE CERTAINTY. Where, pray God, has THAT gone?


        1. From my point of view--based on the devastation of the Church since Vatican II--the hierarchy no longer consistently reflects, in their pastoral guidance, the teachings of the Church prior to that catastrophic council. Therefore they have lost their authority as guides for Catholic practice.

        2. One of the commenters responding to Matt's post said, "Pope Francis has degraded the Catholic Faith to such a level that it has transformed it into a new religion, even beyond the corrupting germ of Vatican II and Protestantism..." How can anyone say such a thing and still have the faith?

          That's precisely the kind of garbage that people are exposed to when they follow charlatans like Michael Matt and other "Traditional Catholics" like him. I nearly lost the faith because I trusted these people. You start to ask yourself what kind of crazy, diabolical religion is this thing, and it all goes downhill from there, unless God comes to help you.

          1. By using a combination of strong religious piety and sophistry, "Traditionalists" (like Michael Matt) can and will fool Catholics into fully trusting them. You'll end up believing the impossible: that a pope can simultaneously have supreme authority and no authority whatsoever, be a soul-destroying heretic and still remain the "Holy Father"; and that the Church can likewise be the Institution of Salvation and of Damnation, holy and unholy...

            Who in their right mind would want to belong to such an evil church?

          2. Pope Francis is a false Pope. Vatican II was an evil council incorporating Modernism into the Church.

            "More Than Metaphor: Our Lady at La Salette seems to have told us not only THAT the Church would be in "Eclipse," but WHEN IT WOULD GO INTO ECLIPSE, October 27th, 1958."

        3. Oh I would think that most if not all of the 20,000 believe that Bergoglio is the legitimate pope, because it's been drummed into their heads that the alternative is unthinkable. And by recognising his legitimacy, they give the counterfeit church legitimacy. And by equating the counterfeit church with the Catholic Church (which is what they effectively do), then it is only logical to conclude that the Catholic Church can teach error… I have heard with my own ears "traditional Catholics" who say such abominable things (even priests), as well as saying that you don't have to obey the pope. And they wonder why many of their children, like the novus ordo, leave the faith once they leave school and/or the family home. It is because they have learned to ignore and disrespect authority… thanks to the SSPX. How many of these 20,000 pilgrims will do likewise?


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