...una cum famulo tuo Michahel Matt et Christophorus Ferrara....Isn't it Strange How Francis Could Watch Athanasius Schneider Participate in the Matt/FSSP Catholic Identity Crisis Conference, without Censure or Disciplinary Action, Even Though Matt has Said that the "Remnant" "No longer accepts the Vatican of Pope Francis as a moral authority in ANYTHING." Strange. Just Sayin'

"We got them Holy Father, Just Give Me a Little More Time."
        "Your Excellency, Once That is Done, We Can Find A 
            Nicer Place For You Than Kazakhstan.....Hegel will win in the 
        end, my son, the Pope Emeritus has assured me of this."

Dr. Chojnowski: Isn't it strange how Francis can allow Athanasius Schneider to regularly participate --- along with the "ever loyal" FSSP --- in the "Catholic Identity Crisis Conference," including the one this year in November 2019, even though the conference is organized by Michael Matt a person who regularly slams and rejects the "moral authority" of Francis? Is there something up? If you check out the Wikipedia entry on Schneider, you find that he was "consecrated" by Cardinal Sodano of Fatima Third Secret of 2000 fame and he is part of an order called  Canons Regular of the Holy Cross of Coimbra. Anything remotely to do with the Carmelite Convent of Coimbra that has produced a forged text claiming to be the writings of Sister Lucy of Fatima and used as the basis for her official "biography"? How can he avoid censure by his Order? Unless.....it is all part of a plan...........

Here is the advertisement for bishop Schneider's participation in the 2019 CIC.

Here is the video I have already posted, in which Michael Matt says  what I have printed below the link at the 20 minute mark.

"to let the whole world know that faithful practicing Catholics who go to Mass every Sunday no longer accept the Vatican of Pope Francis as a moral authority on anything."


  1. This is intriguing. The above-mentioned Order, in Portuguese Cónegos Regrantes de Santa Cruz de Coimbra (coloquially referred to as "Crúzios"), was dissolved in 1834 by order of the Liberal regime of the time, during an anti-religious offensive which nearly destroyed the regular clergy in Portugal. I have no information about the restoration of the Canons Regular by the Opus Angelorum, which, as far as i know, is one of several organisations sponsored by the Vatican to keep traditional Catholics busy and unable to do anything significant about the current state of the Church.

    What I do know is that the Brazilian Father Frederico Cunha, a self-admitted homosexual and living with a 18-year old young man, was sentenced in 1993 to 13 years in prison for the abuse and second-degree murder of a 15-year old boy. It is a fact that the evidence against him was questionable, which may have influenced a magistrate to authorise him in April 1998 to spend eight days at his mother's home in Lisbon, an extraordinary concession. Both mother and son immediately left for Spain and then Brazil, which had no extradition agreement with Portugal for Brazilian citizens. He is still there, working as a freelance photographer and, curiously enough, saying Mass in private.

    Curiously enough, Father Frederico never claimed any links with Opus Angelorum or the restored Canons Regular. But he has publicly admitted he is a great fan of Pope Bergoglio, whose pontificate he has defined as "excellent".

  2. Thank you, Dr. Chojnowski. I enjoy your talks. Hope to hear them again.
    Maybe re-done at ISOC.
    Yes, as in this article, when a business could have an decrease in patrons/subscribers and is the main source to provide income, then compromises are made.
    The Traditional Latin Mass groups/communities still need to provide nursing homes, residences/village(s), and not be too focused On The sede or not issue or narcissism, focusing on themselves.
    As we ask for forgiveness should we be wrong, example: the sede-vacantist thought, daily if not often in the day.
    I know whether sede or not, most of us have a right intention, not a mortal sin; just that precaution is taken to protect the flock.
    This should not be held against a person seeking the sacraments. As long as the Holy Orders are valid, many parishoners are limited to where to go; time, distance or funds.
    Some may opt to stay home.
    Hoping to hear talks again on Gen. Franci, Eamon de Valera, Emperor Karl and King Albert of Belgium, died in 1934 AD.

    God be with you,
    Clarence LaFuentes II
    St. Bernard, La.

  3. Can you explain how this would be part of the plan?

  4. Why does Mr. Matt insist that a real pope, not an impostor, is the object of Mr. Matt's revolt? Does it make him feel better to think that he's insulting and rejecting a *real* pope and not just a fake? Makes you wonder if Mr. Matt kept repressed negative thoughts about the Faith as a young boy, but now he's found an excuse to unleash them.

  5. What would Pope Francis call a decoy if he had one? How about Athanasius?


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