Quote from Archbishop Lefebvre Demonstrates that 40 Years has Changed NOTHING. So Why are We Still Arguing over the Self-Evident. The Long in Construction "Conciliar Church" is NOT the Catholic Church. You Cannot Have the Catholic Church Teaching a False and Modernist Faith. Period.

From a Conference Given in Econe, June 21, 1978.

“Which Church are we talking about? Are we talking about the Catholic Church, or another church, a Counter church16, a counterfeit of the Church? Now, I think sincerely, thatwe are talking about a counterfeit version of the Church, and not the Catholic Church. It does not teach any longer the Catholic faith. It teaches something else, it leads the Church to something else other than the Catholic Church. It is not longer the Catholic Church.They are sitting in the chairs of their predecessors, […] but they are not continuing in the line of their predecessors. They no longer have the same faith, nor the same doctrine, nor the same morality as their predecessors. So it is no longer possible. And principally, their great error is ecumenism. They teach an ecumenism which is contrary to the Catholic faith. […]The Church is occupied by this counter- church which we know well and that the Popes17 knew perfectly, and that the Popes have condemned throughout the centuries; for what will be soon four centuries, the Church did not stop condemning this counter-church which was born especially with protestantism, and which was developed with protestantism, and which is at the origin of all modern errors, which has destroyed all philosophy, and which has led us to all the errors we have known, that the Popes have condemned; liberalism, socialism, communism, modernism, sillonism 18. We are dying from them. The Popes did everything to condemn that, and now behold those who are in the chairs of those who condemned these errors are in agreement with this liberalism and ecumenism. Now we cannot accept that. And the more things become clear, the more we perceive that this program […] all these errors, were elaborated in the masonic lodges19. “


  1. Unfortunately, whatever good things Archbishop Lefebvre said (like in the 1978 conference at Econe) was neutralised by later contradictory statements. By the time the 1980s rolled along he was making deals with this same counterfeit church, especially in 1982 and 1988. On one day those who occupied Rome were "antichrists", the next day it was "Most Holy Father". The same issues plague the SSPX today. Is the organisation headed in Rome the Catholic Church or is it not? If it is why is the SSPX separated from it? If it isn't why do they continue to work for recognition from it? In 1978 Archbishop Lefebvre said it is not the Catholic Church, but in the 1980s he said it is. That is why we cannot "follow" Archbishop Lefebvre.

    Bishop Moises Carmona, who was consecrated by Bishop Thuc in 1981, spoke of Archbishop Lefebvre in following manner in 1982 during one of his deal-making episodes:

    "At first, we placed our hopes on Archbishop Lefebvre, in whom we saw a true Catholic bishop, a defender of the true Faith, with whom the legitimate apostolic succession would continue; but we have been deceived. Lefebvre has not been unaffected; we have felt betrayed seeing him making deals with the Vatican from where all the blows against the true Church have come."

  2. The thing that has always disturbed me about Lefebvre is his close relationship with Cardinal Lienart. Lienart was one of the true devils of Vatican 2. Two thoughts have remained with me for many years concerning the SSPX, one from Lenin, "The best way to control the opposition is to run it" and Maximilian Kolbe's "The times are dominated by Satan and will be more so in the future. No man however clever will be able to withstand the wiles of Satan....only the Immaculata." Lefebvre's compromises....his on again, off again with Vatican 2 strike me as duplicity.

  3. A pack of heretics who have lost the faith. Tell me, you sedevacantist apostates, where is the Church?

    1. Which Church are you talking about? Are you talking about the Catholic Church, or another church, a Counter church, a counterfeit of the Church?" The Whore of Babylon?


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