More Than Metaphor: Our Lady at La Salette seems to have told us not only THAT the Church would be in "Eclipse," but WHEN IT WOULD GO INTO ECLIPSE, October 27th, 1958.

                          "The Church Will Be In Eclipse"
                 Eclipse? October 27, 1958.
                Gives You Chills and Tears.

This gives me the chills. Thanks to the new book by Dr. Taylor Marshall and by the research of an invaluable co-worker at Sister Lucy Truth, it has come to my attention that not only was Our Lady's words at La Salette about the fact that the "Church will be in Eclipse" --- there, but darkened and seemingly not there, for a "moment" (read, at least 60 years and running) --- but that Our Lady seems to have indicated to us the actual exact time in which such an "eclipse" would happen. During an eclipse over Rome! Of course, as we know, or at least as we should know, on the previous day, October 26th, 1958, the Feast of Christ the King, there was 5 minutes of white smoke that came bellowing from the Conclave that was electing a successor of Pope Pius XII. This went so far that Vatican media had announced that a pope was elected. Now, if white smoke is released from the Sistine Chapel chimney, that indicates that not only a cardinal had accepted the papacy --- and hence, according to divine and canon law, become pope --- but he has also picked his name and has begin the process of receiving the pledge of obedience by the cardinals. Well, no one came out on to the loggia of St. Peter's to receive the acclamation of the people that night. It is supposed to happen 20 minutes after the release of the white smoke. Later in the night of October 26th, it was announced by the Vatican that it had been a mistake. How could that be a mistake? Wet straw dry straw a little confusing? No one realized the mistake moments after they heard the roar of the crowds in the square? October 27th, Eclipse in Rome. October 28th, election of Angelo Roncalli as John XXIII. Beginning of the Vatican II apostasy in the Church. Nothing to see here........
Below is a wikipedia account of the first working session of Vatican II. John XXIII opened the Council by speaking of rejecting "the prophets of doom" .... the most famous of which were....guess who.....Our Lady at Fatima and the Children of Fatima. This opening speech was given on the Feast of the Divine Maternity of Mary, Mother of God, October 11th, 1962. The first working session of Vatican II, which only lasted 15 minutes, but involved Cardinal Lienart hijacking the Church, or at least the institutional organization, by rejecting the members of the 10 conciliar commissions which had been proposed by the Roman Curia and instead got the Council to postpone the vote so that the Modernists could organize their own lists of commissioners, who would orchestrate the takeover of the Council and, hence, the Church, with a new ecclesiology and a new doctrine. Guess when this first de facto takeover occurred, October 13th, 1962. The 45th anniversary of the Miracle of the Sun at Fatima, when Our Lady 
revealed herself as Our Lady of the Rosary.
Below is the bibliographical information from Dr. Marshall's book.
If you think that our investigation is moving from pictorial evidence of the 2 Sister Lucys to the discovering of physical evidence for the fraud and even into the events of October 1958, you would be correct!


  1. Yes, and a Vicar of Christ will not take the Church into Eclipse, only a Vicar of AntiChrist.

  2. I believe all of what is said above regarding the beginning of the Vatican II apostasy in the Church on October 27, 1958. Vatican II, in my opinion, is the most devastating event ever to take place in the Church eclipsing both the Arian heresy and the Protestant Reformation.

  3. Slightly off-topic re the eclipse part, but a comment regarding Taylor Marshall and his book:

    Does Marshall draw any conclusions from all the research he has done on this infiltration? Or is it like a Michael Davies book? Davies had an amazing ability to write entire books tearing apart the liturgical 'reforms' (including the ordination rites), comparing them to the manner in which the protestants of the 16th century destroyed and Mass and sacraments and rendered them invalid… but then Davies would finish off by stating that they were still valid, one reason being because the novus ordo 'theologians' that he knew said so (which only makes sense – why on earth would a novus ordo priest say that his Mass or Orders were invalid? But why on earth would Davies rely on such 'authorities'?) Davies also, by the way, wrote in one of his books 'Pope John's Council' that he thought John XXIII was "a good and holy pope who may possibly be canonized" (gasp!). Anyway, I note that the 'Athanasius of our times' has written the foreword, so surely this compromises Marshall into making the same Davies-like conclusions? Everything points to an eclipse of the Church by evil men who have infiltrated, but to many ion the 'trad' movement you're not allowed to come to the conclusion that these impostors aren't popes... then it goes round and round in circles again... just what Bergoglio wants.

  4. Two other dates that are worth mentioning regarding John 23rd and The Eclipse that was occurring at the same time that might be of interest.

    October 27th, 1958 was the lunar eclipse in Rome. However, two weeks prior, October 15, 1958, Edward R. Murrow, the esteemed CBS reporter gave a speech at the Radio, Television, News, Directors Association (RTNDA) convention that many believe was the prophetic warning of the negative influence of television. The speech was not well received and had the effect of an earthquake around the media industry.

    Murrow: "And if there are any historians about fifty or a hundred years from now, and there should be preserved the kinescopes for one week of all three networks, they will there find recorded in black and white, or perhaps in color, evidence of decadence, escapism and insulation from the realities of the world in which we live."

    His warning was that television didn’t illuminate the public, which he believed desired to be, but instead fed the public amusement. He concluded that if this was not corrected, TV would be just "a box of lights and wires."

    That speech, praised now, was the beginning of the end for Murrow at CBS. At the time, he had committed the mortal sin of mortal sin: he criticized the hand that fed him. His weekly news program was eventually, like diocesan Latin masses, delegated to the "Intellectual Ghetto hours" (which were Sunday afternoons between 2 and 4 PM.) And eventually was ousted from CBS, like many priests who criticized the Council.

    As Sister Lucy said regarding the timing of the 1960 Messages release "It would be clearer then."

    October 11th, 1962. John XXIII "We feel we must disagree with those prophets of doom, who are always forecasting disaster, as though the end of the world were at hand."

    And on October 25th, 1962, 12 days later, the Pope was summoned away from his "Council of Peace" to play intermediator between President Kennedy and Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev during the Cuban Missile Crisis.

    The Week article: "Modern day historians note that the standoff nearly turned into a global calamity. With bombers in the air and nearly 3000 American nuclear weapons alone in a state of readiness, the Cuban Missile Crisis could have led to the end of the world in mere minutes."
    I wonder if he had an inkling of a thought that his opening remarks, in reality, were a bit naive, especially on the global front.

  5. The illustration at the top of the post introduces the reader into error. It is indeed Rome, but here we have a solar eclipse (date unknown) and not the moon. The eclipse of the moon on October 27, 1958 was penumbral: the moon rose in Rome partially eclipsed (about 65% of the penumbral) about 5 p.m. (CET) and the phenomenon ended at 6:36 p.m. and Luna then shone in its fullness (unless the clouds interfered). Dr. Marshall, as a professional Catholic, apparently has no time to observe the starry sky. The Blessed Virgin as the Queen of Heaven and Earth in her messages to Her children is as precise as the rotation of celestial bodies. In the place of Dr. Marshall, I would look at the total eclipse* of the Sun on October 12, 1958 and a repetition of this phenomenon on July 3, 2019 (!): The common denominator of these eclipses: Pacific and Argentina.
    If, on October 26, 1958, the conclave chose the Pope, he would appear in white on the balcony of St. Peter's Basilica, or they would have taken him out as a corpse from the Sistine Chapel. Because neither one nor the other happened, Cardinal Angelo Roncalli became Pope. With him, modernism embraced the visible head of the Church. Previously it was hidden, since 1958 it was already affirmed by the Pope himself.
    *I recommend the site:

    1. When choosing the picture, I in no way meant to say that this was the actual picture from the event or even exactly similar to the event. I just found it to express the idea and display an eclipse and St. Peter's in the same picture. Thank you however for the new information about the other eclipses.

    2. Also, that is my whole point. Was someone elected on October 26th, 1958 and then was his election "vetoed". Precisely my point. If white smoke came out and it wasn't one fo the biggest mistakes made in modern times in papal conclaves, that would mean that a pope was elected, had accepted (thereby, becoming pope), and received the obedience of the cardinals. It is one of, but not the only, mysteries of the 1958 conclave.

    3. The Lord Jesus announced signs in the sun, moon and stars [Luke 21, 25]. Mobile celestial bodies - the Sun, Moon and planets - are cursors moving against the background of immobile constellations. Knowing the symbolism of mobile and immobile bodies, one can read the content indicated by these signs, but in conjunction with informations available on earth: astronomical maps, liturgical calendar, Marian calendar, readings of the day, genius loci, etc. In the stars, indeed, the history of Salvation is recorded, and the Virgin Mary, as the Queen of Heaven, uses this mode of expression with great pleasure. I am reading her messages through God's grace, but I have never met anyone who has noticed the value of the documentation I have been making for years. As an example, I would be happy to post a text prepared for the Pilgrimage of Christendom AD2019 (Paris-Chartres), but because of the volume (32 571 characters), please indicate the address to provide it in one piece. After reading this, you will understand that the testimony of the stars [Psalm 19 (18) "Coeli enarrant"'] is not a matter of feelings but of close knowledge.

    4. I would be happy to receive it.
      My address:
      Kanunnik van Osstraat 61,
      6525 TW DE NIJMEGEN
      The Netherlands

      Thanks in advance!

    5. It's interesting that signs in the sun, moon and stars are used to announce the end times (Fatima and Pius XII's four experiences of the same miracle) just a star would be used to announce the arrival of Christ in Bethlehem.

      For what it's worth, and without digressing into a different thread here, the film 'The Star of Bethlehem', by Rick Larson, seems to pose a strong case for what that famous star was. It may or may not be correct but it's the closest I've heard to a solid theory.

      Myron, you should self-publish that through Amazon or something. It sounds very interesting.

  6. Interesting in that we also now know for sure that Bernardine assisted in a Satanic pedophile mass in 1957 and that there were other co consecrated masses to the evil one in other parts of the world.
    "Rome will become the seat of the antiChrist" is what was said at LaSalette when referring to the church in eclipse.


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