Meditation on the Holy Season of Pentecost from a Reader. Come Holy Ghost! Fill the Hearts of Your Faithful and Enkindle in Them the Fire of Your Love.

Continually through the public life of Our Lord, we see the weakness of the Apostles and the great need they had for Our Lord to be present at all times in order to keep them from losing all hope or falling into temptation, for example the Storm at Sea when Our Lord had fallen asleep and at the Court of the Sanhedrin when St. Peter denied Him three times.

After the Ascension, the Apostles and Disciples all hid in a house, in the company of Our Lady, preparing for the Coming of the Holy Ghost, Who Our Lord promised to send. The Apostles huddled together, afraid of the Jews and Romans. Look at these men, hiding, trembling, not fully understanding the truths Our Lord had left them. Are these truly the men Jesus chose to represent Him? 

As usual, God in His infinite mercy, provided, as He said He would, and sent to them the Holy Ghost in the form of tongues of fire. God sent Love bearing Seven Gifts to a world so full of hate. This moment was the first Confirmation, when the Apostles were made soldiers of Christ, receiving the fullness of the Seven Gifts. But why is it that the Apostles seemed to have received the Gifts of the Holy Ghost so quickly and so abundantly? As in most cases, it was because of Our Lady, who not only prayed with them but for them. In order to use the Grace and Gifts of the Holy Ghost, we must pray to Our Lady in order to do so. 

In the miraculous moment of Pentecost, these fishermen became conquerors, who preached with ease and eloquence and with a great understanding, the truth of the Church. Who converted thousands on a single day? Who split up the Earth, traveling far and wide, bringing the Light of truth unto the darkened places. After the Descent of the Holy Ghost, they were brave enough to stand amidst the Romans, the Jews, and the Greeks.

Because of the Holy Ghost's coming, the Church is here today and it is a glorious representation of God's majesty. If you ever want to see the power of the Holy Ghost look to Rome and Paris as embodiments of whole civilizations that used center around the Catholic Church, with their thousands of churches and their sacred art still preserved today. Look at the millions of martyrs throughout the centuries who faced unspeakable, prolonged torture all because of their unshakeable faith in Christ. Look at St. Lawrence who remained cheerful and made jokes as he burned slowly over a fire. Look at St. Joan of Arc who demanded control of the French army, restoring the French nation and ending the 100 Years War. For ordinary people, without the help of God, these tasks would be impossible; but with the Gifts and Grace of the Holy Ghost they faced these trials with great strength, dignity, and the endurance that goes beyond normal human capability. 

Wisdom, Understanding, Counsel, Fortitude, Knowledge, Piety, and Fear of the Lord enabled 12 men to spread the True Faith all around the world, for nothing is impossible with the Grace of God.


  1. "Because of the Holy Ghost's coming, the Church is here today and it is a glorious representation of God's majesty."

    Today the Church is spiritually sick and failing. Vatican II was the key moment the Church separated itself from the advice of the Holy Spirit and made common cause with mammon.

    1. It's totally true that many people who call themselves "Catholic" are "spiritually sick and failing", and that "Vatican II was the key moment (they) separated (themselves) from the advice of the Holy Spirit and made common cause with mammon."

      However, the Catholic Church is a visible society of baptized Christians professing the *same* faith under the authority of the invisible head (Christ) and the authority of the visible head (the pope and the bishops in communion with him).

      If baptized Christians, including the "pope" and the "bishops", do not profess the same faith as the Holy Catholic Church, then they cannot be her members. I know we sometimes use the word "Church" to refer to such people, but with all the confusion today, it may send the wrong message--that the Church is not holy.

    2. The church is distinguished by its four Mark's one,holy, catholic and apostolic and the church will always have these Marks. If people in the church are heretical or
      Schematic they chose to separate themselves from the church. The church will always be a glorious representation of God's majesty, even if unfaithful men pretend to be a part of it.


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