In His Own Words: John Paul II Wrote that The Consecration and Conversion of Russia Had Already Happened, the Immaculate Heart Had Triumphed already and Fatima was About Him and His Papacy and the Assassination Attempt Against Him --- All the Way Back in 1994!

No comment needed. May 13th, 2000.

Here are quotes from John Paul II's book Crossing the Threshold of Hope by John Paul II, ed. Vittorio Messori (New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 1994), pp. 131-132. 

The ironic handwritten message on this book, which I reviewed back in the 90s but have picked up again, says BE NOT AFRAID! Unfortunately that is EXACTLY what we are when we read anything from JPII! Here we find out that he himself endorses the view that, well Fatima was about him and his own "efforts" "against" Soviet Russia --- and the "conversion" of Russia meant --- I suppose turning it into a weak, democratic, liberal, secular state, like it was under Boris Yeltsin of infamous drunken memory. 

But, most importantly, how were we trying to get JPII to "consecrate Russia" for 26 years and 6 months, when he was TOTALLY on the wrong track with regard to Russia, the faith, and the very idea of conversion. What would the consecration" Russia to bring about its conversion mean to the man who set up Assisi. Did anyone every read the Balamand Declaration which says that the "Catholic Church" does not seek to convert the Eastern Orthodox? 

Here is the quote from the book. Certainly the real Sister Lucy would not put up with this for one minute. Never mind kissing the hand of JPII after receiving "communion."

"And what are we to say of the three children from Fatima who suddenly, on the eve of the outbreak of the October Revolution, heard: "Russia will convert" and 'In the end, my Heart will triumph'....? They could not have invented these predictions. They did not know enough about history or geography, namely less the social movements and ideological development. And nevertheless it happened just as they had said."

"Perhaps this is also why the Pope was called from 'a faraway country,' perhaps this is why it was necessary for the assassination attempt to be made in St. Peter's Square precisely on May 13, 1981, the anniversary the first apparition at Fatima --- so that all could become more transparent and comprehensible, so that the voice of God which speaks in human history through the 'signs of the times' could be more easily heard and understood." 

---- Much more coming from Sister Lucy Truth this week end. Check back soon. 


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