Prominent Remnant Writer Endorses Sister Lucy Truth Project! Thank You for Your Support Ann Barnhardt, We are Advancing to the Truth on All Fronts. The Evidence We are Collecting and Presenting to the World, Will Speak for Itself.

                                              Ann Barnhardt with Pink Gun

Dr. Chojnowski: Over the course of the next 4 days, those associated with Sister Lucy Truth will be having phone conversations concerning the incoming reports from all the various angles of the Sister Lucy Truth Project. It should be a very fruitful weekend for the discovery of the full truth in the matter of Sister Lucy of Fatima. I know this article from Ann Barnhardt --- put up on her own personal sight and not on the Remnant site --- is a year and a half old, but she has not taken it down and what she says is very encouraging to us and still valid. 

For the current information on the investigation into the identity of Sister Lucy of Fatima, go to


  1. Barnhardt, Engel, Yore, Simcha Fisher (fake name) seem to relish in the negative. Any bit of negative news concerning the Catholic Church is fair game to them. Modus Operandi is too negativize the energy and demoralize the Faithful with constant hum of scandals and half-truths. Truth is not important to them whether Sr. Lucy was switched or not as long as it is negative conotation. Beware of sheep in wolves clothing.

  2. She does the same thing she decries as Satan's master chess move by mocking people who doubt the official 911 story.

  3. Truth never demoralizes the faithful. It gives them ever greater strength to trust in God and God alone. True scandals are true scandals. Put not your trust in princes put not your trust in men says the psalmist. Scandalous and deceitful princes dressed in the clothes of shepherds need to be exposed, not protected.....for the salvation of souls and the glory of God.

  4. The ladies Yore, Barnhardt and Engel state the truth with courage and flair.

    Nor do they hide behind “anonymous.”

    It seems to me they are motivated by love of the Church which is not compatible with fear of the truth.

    As to sheep in wolfs clothing I’d look to the episcopacy Brother Anonymous. Starting at the top with Antipope Francis.

    C. Benischek

  5. One more thought.

    Tomorrow is the 102nd Anniversary of Our Lady of Fatima. So I’d like to take this opportunity to publicly thank you, Dr. Peter Chojnowski, for your Herculean efforts to unearth the truth in this matter.

    “Rejoice, O Virgin Mary, alone thou hast destroyed all heresies throughout the world.”

    In corde Christi,

  6. She still writes for The Remnant?

  7. Having known Mrs Engel personally for three decades, I take great offense at the comment above.
    She is and always has been a Faithful cradle Catholic.
    Randy has always spoken and searched for the truth and even when she personally held another opinion than mine or someone else's she respectfully listens and then investigates it for herself.
    She has always been regarded as a highly credible Journalist and researcher even by the secular Press. To attempt to denigrate her professionalism as being too "negative" bespeaks the poster's ignorance of the body of her work.
    I know of one Grand Jury case in which her research article was referred to in presentation by members of the AG's office and another case in Spain in which prosecuting attorney's referenced her research .
    The truth is rarely seen in a positive light by those being charged with the serious crimes of sexual child abuse.

  8. I would like to censure Anonymous 1 and praise Anonymous 2.

    This first comment—of brave “Anonymous” of May 10 @0835–is completely off base.

    Mesdames Barnhardt, Engel & Yore have done yeoman’s service to Church and truth. To imply otherwise is simply false.

    Further if you Anonymous 1 wish to find wolves in sheeps’ clothing look no farther than the episcopate, which will lead you all the way to Antipope Francis. The truth is indeed discomforting to the Homosexual Network Strangling the Church of which Francis is head; the ladies above have exposed; and toward which you, A-1, have an antipathy.

    Please see Laurence England’s beautiful confession yesterday that Benedict is Pope, by the way.

    And, Rejoice in the Lird Alway!

    “Rejoice, O Virgin Mary, alone thou hast destroyed all heresies throughout the world.”

    In corde Christi,

    1. Could you pls give the link of the "beautiful confession" of that person?
      I did a google search, but, the terms are too broad to get a valid link


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