From the "He Ain't My Saint" File: More Creepy Content From the May 13, 1967 Meeting between Paul VI and the Imposter Sister Lucy. See For Yourself Why the Vatican II Sect is Just....Well...Weird.

Did Paul VI's Masonic Brethren Cut off His Finger-tips or is this Just Further Evidence of "Cut and Pasting" Your Way to Fraud. Question. What did you do with Sister Lucy dos Santos?

We thank a reader for this creepy close-up of Paul VI's hand which is from the cut and paste photo of a non-event. Even though the fake Sister Lucy was at Fatima on May 13, 1967, people were allowed to see very little of her during this event because, well, it wasn't actually "her." We have shown in the past how this picture with Paul VI has the fake Sister Lucy cut and pasted in ---- over a television camera. With this close up of the hands of Paul VI, we can see that his ring finger and his middle finger are both squared and ridiculously narrow at their base. If you look at his thumb on his left hand, you can see a black inserted background which separates the thumb from what should be the white part of the habit of the cut and pasted "Sister Lucy." 

Question: If they needed to cut and paste "Sister Lucy" into photos because the crowds at the event were not given a chance to see the faked Sister Lucy for very long, isn't this evidence that the real Sister Lucy was not on the scene anymore and that the "diabolical disorientation" idea was just as fake as the fake Sister Lucy that was said to speak of it? 

Friends, look at that left-hand of Paul VI and tell me that it's not creepy.


  1. Definitely cut and paste. Part of the Alta Vendita Plan (1820-1846) called for the election of a false "pope" from the Modernist ranks. If anything, Sr. Lucy 2 was a red herring---the elections of the false "popes" had already begun with Vatican II.

  2. Very weird. Here is something at least equally as weird. Available as a PDF download on the internet is a through expose of The Satanic Miter of Benedict XVl by Eng. Franco Adessa. That one will raise the hairs on the back of your neck.


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