Francis Renounces Doctrine, Hierarchy, Order, Christ as Light of Truth to the World Through His Apostles, the Charity of Bringing the Faith to Others, and is left with..............Ringing the Salvation Army Bell in front of Wal-Mart?

Dr.  Chojnowski: Continuing our commentary on the speech by Francis to the 21st general assembly of Caritas Internationalis on May 24, 2019. First, let's present the next part of Francis' speech. Commentary will follow each section of the speech. Just in case there is any confusion, his text is in black and my commentary is in red!
Jesus intentionally omitted telling his disciples many things so that the Church would learn to renounce the desire for clarity and order, the pope told participants in the 21st general assembly of Caritas Internationalis, the Church’s global charitable outreach.
Contrary to Our Lord Jesus Christ's statement in front of Pilate that He came to testify to the Truth, provoking Pilate's subjectivist response,"What is Truth?," Francis would have us believe that Our Lord had no desire to teach truth in all its clarity, and let us state that truth cannot be anything but clear, but rather, His intention was to accustom His disciples and, hence, the members of His Church, to mental disorder and illogic so as to keep them from desiring definitive doctrines and an explicit understanding of the exact way to achieve salvation. For some reason Francis has forgotten, intentionally so, the statement of Our Lord that the Holy Ghost would bring all the things that He had taught them to their minds and that the Holy Ghost would present to them the fullness of revelation. How far are we from that hatred of heresy shown by St. John when he ran from a public bath when he heard that a well-known heretic had entered the building, fearing that God's wrath would implode the structure! If this speech was given to the Church's "global charitable outreach," we can say with certainty that presenting a truth to the world which MUST BE BELIEVED if one is to be saved, is certainly NOT part of Francis' "charitable" agenda. So what then does the "charitable agenda" consist in then? Making our little life in this world "better." Read, APOSTASY. Come on. What could be more apostatic? Let's also just use this occasion to admit that Modernism does not really have a significant doctrine of its own, but rather, is just meant to dissolve the Catholic Citadel, thereby, enabling all to walk "peacefully" and "freely" in the plains of secularity. 
When pagans first embraced the Christian faith, the question arose as to if they would have to abide by all the precepts of the Jewish law, something Jesus never spoke of, the pope noted.

Our Lord obviously spoke about this since when St. Paul confronted St. Peter about his PRUDENTIAL misjudgment, which caused scandal to the Gentile Christians, the Doctor of the Gentiles was basing his strictures on doctrine that he had received from Our Lord or doctrine already conveyed to the Apostles by Our Lord or the Holy Ghost. This is why St. Peter recognized his prudential error and changed his personal behavior. No where in this incident do we see an argument about doctrine.
By not always giving “clear rules” that would quickly resolve issues, Jesus was protecting the Church from the temptation of “efficientism,” Francis said, which is the desire for the Church to have everything under control, avoiding surprises, with its agenda always in order.

The only reasonable judgment that one can make when we hear these words of Francis is that he holds the Church to have been defective up until, say, the 1960s, since before then She was known for seeking out and enforcing "clear rules" in order to keep "everything under control" ---- read every Ecumenical Council, Canon Law, the Decretals, Papal Encyclicals applying "clear rules" concerning faith and morality to current problems --- read Rerum Novarum and Quadragesima Anno. Obviously, the Catholic Church of the past could not be the Church willed by Christ since its entire history is nothing but seeking order in doctrine, discipline, morals, liturgy and....well....everything.
This is not the way the Lord acts, he continued. He does not send answers from heaven. “He sends the Holy Spirit.” 

If this is not an explicit denial of the "otherness" of Divine Revelation and a Quaker affirmation of the Modernist view that "answers" to the questions of religion originate WITHIN THE MINDS OF THE BELIEVERS. How is this just heresy and not apostasy? How can you deny the Catholic Church does not have the answers coming from God and that even Jesus Christ did not intend to give answers to men and even be considered remotely a Christian? 
“Jesus does not want the church to be a perfect model, satisfied with its own organization and able to defend its good name,” he said. “Jesus did not live like this, but on a journey, without fearing the upheavals of life.”

Okay, so Jesus could not be a Divine Person nor the Church a Divinely established organization meant for the salvation of all men and willed by God to exist until the end of time --- because it is the only vessel of salvation. The Catholic Church is the PERFECT MYSTICAL BRIDE OF CHRIST FREE OF ANY SPOT OR WRINKLE. Francis portrays Her as if she is a Harley-Davidson babe with leather jacket sitting behind the biker "The World" and cruising the highways and bars of the contemporary secular world. Since this New Harlot of Babylon was born in the 60s she is still able to hang on. 

More to come both from Francis and from me....


  1. Just read Thomas Aquinas commentary on the 4th chapter of John( Available on line). What a profound and magnificent summary and insight into the True Faith, the nature of Our Lord , the Holy Spirit and the Church. THIS is the Faith. No shadow of a doubt will remain that we are witnessing some extremely cheap WalMart counterfeit Vatican 2 operation and that the operators belong in shackles and chains.

  2. Isn't Francis restating what the SSPX/R+R already believe: that Jesus did not give the Church clear rules because He didn't want Her to be a perfect model? The Resisters don't seem to have faith in the Church and don't seem to think Our Lord chose an adequate first Pope; otherwise, they wouldn't sometimes compare St. Peter with "Pope Francis".

    Heretical "popes" are not watched over and assisted by the Holy Spirit; their canonizations are purposely misleading and heretical. But, in order to make the doctrines of their false "Pope" more consonant with the Catholic Faith, the SSPX/R+R have to divest themselves of the Catholic doctrines that are not immediately revealed truths, beginning with the infallibility of the canonizations of saints. Although the infallibility of the canonizations of saints is graded as "theologically certain" (i.e., "a doctrine whose truth is guaranteed by its intrinsic connection with the doctrine of revelation"), nevertheless, the SSPX/R+R now consider it *just* a common theological opinion. Their followers are left thinking the doctrine no longer equates to a teaching of the Church and can be discarded at will.

    The SSPX/R+R might as well tell people to throw away the doctrine regarding the adoration of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, which has the same theological grade of certainty as the infallibility of the canonization of saints (i.e. theologically certain). What about the Brown Scapular and the Marian Rosary, which were given to saints in the 12th and 13th centuries; and what about devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, which was first considerably fostered in the 17th century by another saint? Should we throw out everything that is not an immediately revealed truth, in order to keep a heretic/apostate as pope?


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