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  1. I am heartbroken. I thought it was very possible that the FREEMASONS killed her, but now that seems very real, more real. I always think of her as a brave child and am crying she might have been murdered

  2. As I recall Sr Lucia was very sick with the flu, which is why she was asked in the latter part of the forties to put the third secret to paper and give it to her Bishop for the Pope.
    I do not believe she chose to leave her Order of 23 years for a cloister in Coimbre . I am even more certain that what Escriva wrote in his biographical book about Opus Dei concerning his visit to Tuy and conversation with Sr Lucia is nonsense , especially after comparing it to his secretary , Carmen del Tapia's account of that same visit back in Spain to his Opus Dei women.
    In my humble opinion it was not Sr Lucia who entered the Coimbre convent controlled by Opus Dei cooperators as confirmed by Mother Celine in her most recent interview after the death of the woman they claimed was Lucia Dos Santos.
    Furthermore, the Carmelite official death notices somehow made it to the Internet by someone who suspected or knew the same, then was removed after two weeks and altered to reflect the error of the already revealed truth . I also recall the pictures of the last Luca's cell in Coimbre which were in the newspapers after her death. Cdl Bertone visited the convent and no one was allowed in her cell until he thoroughly searched it.
    Given the long running period of ignoring the Fatima messages by that time , it appeared odd that the soon to be Vatican's Secretary of State, would be sent by the then Secretary of State Cardinal Sodano , to clean up any loose ends.
    I am left to wondering if the Fr Fuente's account of his visit and conversation with Lucia, really happened many years earlier or if it indeed is true at all, even though it makes sense to us.The Sr Lucia switch seems to be better dated to the appearance of the second Lucia in the convent at Coimbre. The latter woman would have had to been a nun whom someone chose to be a fitting replacement based on her appearance as the Dorothean Sr Lucia had already stated that no one recognized her in public when she left the convent in Tuy with her fellow nuns to go to the store or to Dr visits. As a Dorothean she did not live a cloistered life.
    A much older and dear friend told me her uncle was a Monsignore in Rome on the commission for the canonization of Maria Goretti. when visiting her mother, his sister, she recalled his anger over the decision to make the child a saint for virginity. He said they all knew Maria had undergone sexual abuse by her attacker for quite a lengthy time . However, because society in general was loosening it's moral constraints , the prelates had decided to make her a roll model for Catholic women and girls. In essence according to my friend , "Maria Goretti
    should have been a Saint for those who had suffered child sexual abuse."
    Remembering all of this , it always seemed that Fatima was a prime target for twisting and tweaking the truth to fit the narrative of certain unethical clerics and given Sodano's history with Maciel , he fits the mold perfectly.


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