Paul VI Refused to Meet with Imposter Sister Lucy during Her Sole Encounter with him on May 13, 1967. Montini the Modernist Spent 3 Minutes Speaking to "Sister Lucy" and Most of the Time Seems to Have been Spent Turning Down Her Request and Telling Her to OBEY.

Newspaper Article Depicted in Fr. Luigi Villa's book, Paul VI Beatified?

Above Newspaper Article from Voz da Fatima portrayed immediately above, indicates that the meeting and conversation between Paul VI and "Sister Lucy" only lasted for 3 minutes. The first article portrayed, I discovered in the book by Fr. Luigi Villa entitled Paul VI beatified?. It tells of the woman we now know as "Sister Lucy II" asking Paul VI for a private meeting --- if he believed she was the real Sister Lucy don't you think he would be interested in what she had to say (a new apparition, perhaps?) --- to this request the newspaper above cites him as responding, "As you can see, this is not the moment [I have not gotten all the publicity yet that is my due!]. If you wish then to convey something to me, tell it to your bishop and he will convey it to me. Put great trust in your bishop. Be obedient to him." What did the newly-minted "Sister Lucy" intending to convey to Paul VI? That she did not feel right about the illegal impersonation that she was now taking up? But, for Paul VI, how awkward would it have been to meet with someone you know to be a fraud. Be obedient! Take up the role that we have bestowed upon you and if you have any qualms of conscience or personal difficulties, go cry to the bishop!

Another of the many strange things surrounding this 1967 meeting, amidst the general strangeness of the entire Sister Lucy dos Santos case, is the obviously faked pictures of her in Fatima, with Paul VI. Obviously they could not have been near each other for very long since so many pictures have clearly been faked. What we can see in the first picture presented in the Fr. Villa book is a Sister Lucy who never changes her expression and is inhumanly stiff and artificial in many of the pictures with her and Paul VI. As she stays creepily still, with the exact same gaze and expression on her face, the bespectacled priest is right behind her head on the left of the picture, then in one of the pictures below he is just as close to her on the right side of the picture, then he is a bit of a distance looking with almost an alarmed look on his face. The source picture for all of these "cut and paste" jobs from "Fatima" is given below in two different versions of the exact same photo is portrayed below with NO ONE IN THE BACKGROUND. Note of course that all of this deception was released within one month of the "meeting" between the two.
Reality is stranger than fiction.


  1. Sister Lucy dos Santos died on May 31, 1949 -
    I encourage you to study the page of Moimunan

    It was Tuesday in the octave of the Ascension; the lesson read on that day in the Mass [Siracides 51: 1-8, 5-12] describes exactly her departure to the Lord.

    1. Just for the record, the last interview of Sr. Lucy was on St Stephen’s Day 1957, and not in 1958.

      Fr. Augustin Fuentes who was postulating for the cause of little Jacinta, was the interviewer. This interview appears fairly well documented by the good priest himself.

      Some have offered an explanation of the “defuncto in ‘49” thesis in addition to the later interview.

    2. Here’s the link to the last interview of Sr. Lucy—feast of St. Stephen, and the Second Day of Christmas, 26th December 1957.

      It’s a rather chilling series of prophecies, warnings and admonition in its own right.

      As one would expect of a chosen visionary and saint.


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  3. Sister Lucy disappeared (we don't know if she was murdered or secluded) after 1958 (the interview with Father Fuentes is authentic).

  4. Yes exactly ! I remember thinking years later that she knew she was part of a charade and did not feel right about it ! She was also weeping at the time.

  5. The 1958 interview with Fr Fuentes was not an imposter...she could not have died in 1949


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