Modernist Pope or Gallican Lawyer? Because Francis Did Not Answer the "Filial Correction" SIGNED BY CHRIS FERRARA --- He is SUSPENDED! Operation of the Papal Magisterium will depend upon Chris and Fr. Hunwicke determining that it has "formally return[ed] from dogmatic silence to the audible exercise of the functions rightly attributed to it in Catholic Tradition." Can someone put me on the email list so that I can know when I can listen to the Papal Magisterium again?

No Talking Francis Unless you raise your hand and I call on you!

In other words, Francis told el-Tayeb what he wanted to hear, and then told Bishop Schneider what he wanted to hear. He thus created space for plausible deniability for both parties.  This is behavior befitting a politician, not the Vicar of Christ, charged with confirming his brethren in the Faith.  But after six years of this sort of thing, can we expect anything else?

When Francis refused to answer the dubia of the Four Cardinals or the Filial Correction submitted to him by Fr. Hunwicke and many others, his silence in the face of attempted correction indicated, Fr. Hunwicke argues, that the Petrine Ministry had “entered into its current ‘temporary suspense’” and that “we are officially in a period in which the functions of the Papal Magisterium are in a vacatio which will be ended at the moment when the same Petrine Magisterial organ formally returns from dogmatic silence to the audible exercise of the functions rightly attributed to it in Catholic Tradition…”

It ought to be obvious to any reasonable observer at this point that in Francis we have a Modernist Pope.

Dr. Chojnowski: The quotations above, taken from the articles linked to below --- from the Fatima Center website --- are the latest attempt by the usual suspects to save the Catholic Faith by changing it or bullying it. The idea that a group of bishops or laymen can declare the papal magisterium shut down because the man, whom they all recognize as the pope, did not respond to their doctrinal "correction," takes the post-Vatican II era into a new garden of make-believe and absurdity. No Catholic, even 30 years ago, would recognize thoughts like this or "solutions" to the problem of heresy and apostasy. Did not traditionalist (i.e., real) Catholics spend about 40 years after Vatican II jumping up and down about the heresy or error of "collegiality"? Now, since the Modernists bishops will not denounce the apostasy that we see officially declared by Francis and those whom he keeps in power, self-appointed members of the laity (I forget, Chris has been appointed by Michael Matt) and a random selection of Modernist bishops who have had no problem with such ecumenical abominations until now, decide that the hierarchy that they acknowledge has ceased to function and will not function again until it returns from a state of "dogmatic silence" to an "audible exercise of the functions rightly attributed to it in Catholic Tradition." 
How anyone could call the last 6 years of Francis a "state of dogmatic silence" is beyond me. In fact, if he had been "dogmatically silent" we could probably have stopped renewing our subscriptions to the Remnant. What many of the self-appointed lay defenders of "Catholic Tradition" do is engage in a perpetual smoke and mirrors act in which new things are added to "Catholic Tradition" that NO ONE would have ever included in it pre-Vatican II. Now we have "Modernist popes," "heretical Catholic bishops," "evil and deficient Catholic Masses," lay and priestly "suspended" papal magisteria, "officially promulgated heresy," papal "public heresy," "Neo-Catholics." Well, no. These are terms which can NEVER be put together. God would NEVER ALLOW IT. How do I know? BECAUSE I AM A CATHOLIC. The Catholic Faith dogmatically teaches that the Holy Ghost would not allow such a thing, since he perpetually guides the Church. Yes, always, until the end of time. 
How Our Lady of Fatima can be used to prop up such horrid distortions of the Faith, making the "traditional Catholic religion" into no more than a Neo-Protestantism --- with Latin and decent vestments --- is truly unbelievable. The whole purpose of the Miracle of the Sun was to provide us with proof of the Catholic Faith, uphold the importance and supreme jurisdiction of the papacy ----- IS THIS NOT WHAT RUSSIA IS SUPPOSED TO BE CONVERTED TO? IS THIS NOT WHERE SHE HAS ERRED, TO CLAIM THAT HER TRADITIONS CANNOT BE JUDGED BY THE UNIVERSAL MAGISTERIUM OF THE POPE IN ROME? 

Let's remember, the Mystical Bride of Christ can NEVER even resemble the Harlot of Babylon. A harlot is a counterfeit substitute for a legitimate and faithful wife. The Harlot is not a legitimate wife who fails to put on her makeup or produces terrible meals or is no longer as nice and pious as she used to be, she is a DIFFERENT PERSON. A Counterfeit. One who is put on the street by evil men, seeking their own ends, and trying to profit from the destruction of virtue and the family. 

More soon on "Ultramontinism" and the Gallican heresy. Note, Sister Lucy Truth website is under construction. Trying to move as fast as we can.


  1. Oh yes, I think I remember Chris Ferrara. Is he the one who accuses those who acknowledge sede vacante as being "little popes". Ha! Just askin'.

  2. Actually I think this is the best article that you have written so far. The TRUE Catholic Church is One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic, but people seem to have forgotten that. The group of men in sheeps' clothing who current occupy the Vatican are none of the above. I'm sorry to say that the Recognise and Resist Crowd (sspx and Resistance) by the very nature of their beliefs can never get past requirement number one either.

  3. Does Ferrara have any basis for this theology, or is he making it up as he and Mr. Matt go? Excellent article! The sad thing is SSPX, the bastion of tradition as they believe, remains silent for the most part on all of these topics. So where do the faithful go for their theology, the Remnant???!!!

  4. Both Dr. Chojnowski and the Sede know as “Catholic” seem to be holding the position that the Blessed Anne Katerine Emmerich was wrong to speak of the “New Heterodox Church of Rome.” Her "Church of man” would be the "Whore of Babylon." The Catholic Church is the magisterium that has not been contradicted (for convenience sake, we can look at the magisterium of 1958.) Traditionalists of all traditional tribes recognize the non-contradicted magisterium as the Catholic Church whether they make a subjective judgement on the claimants of the chair of Peter having or not having jurisdiction. If the "Whore of Babylon" is the bride of the anti-christ, the “New Heterodox Church of Rome" is the bride of the false prophet! Why do we have to say there cannot be a bride of the false prophet? There certainly appears to be one!

    1. Friend, the Catholic Church is not a chameleon, changing color everyday, the one day teaching heresy and being a false bride and the next day changing back into the pure unspotted bride of Christ. This does not make sense. What kind of bride would this be? This would mean one day she defects, the next day she is... indefectible? How could that make sense? One day she is infallible, the next day she has laws that allow Protestants Communion? Well then, she has made not only an error, but a sacrilege and teaching it by a binding LAW. My friend, do you not believe that the true Church Christ founded is guided by the Holy Ghost and can never err in matters of faith and morals? This is what an unspotted bride of Christ means, otherwise the phrase is empty. If it is a New Heterodox Church occupying Rome then it cannot at the same time be the Catholic Church. There is no subjective judgement in saying that Pope Francis accepting Lutheranism makes him a heretic. It was decreed by Leo X in Exsurge Domine that ANYONE who accepts Lutheranism is a heretic. If you or I accept it we are a heretic. If Pope Francis accepts it he is a heretic and therefore outside the Church. He does not even have to teach it to be a heretic (but he does anyway). He said that Luther was right about justification. Justification was Luther's heresy. This is only one example that puts him outside the Church. Think carefully as we must have the truth to save our souls and many of the traditional priests are unable to give us this due to having their own new beliefs to "fit" the crisis.

    2. Hello, Anonymous, at 9:07 AM. The Whore of Babylon is *not* the Spotless Bride of Christ. The Whore is a counterfeit masquerading as the Bride. "Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness...(Isaiah 5:20) Anyone who says the Whore of Babylon is the same as the Spotless Bride of Christ is committing a blasphemy of the highest order. Anne Katerine Emmerich clearly meant that the Whore of Babylon was masquerading as the True Church, but in no way was it to be confused with the True Church. If she had said anything contrary to that, then her writings would have been condemned.

  5. No, I think Dr. Chojnowski and "Catholic" clearly see the situation for what it is.

    History is riddled with people separating thenselves from the Catholic Church and, then, going on to start new, false religions. The massive difference this time is that the schismatics stayed put and pretended that there was no separation. In the beginning it was very confusing. It's now so obvious that even "blind Freddy" can see it. Matt and Ferrara should each consider having a couple more hands surgically attached to provide more digits to plug their Swiss-cheese-of-a-Vatican II-dyke. However, it would be considerably easier for them to WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE!, so to speak.

  6. In one of those linked articles Ferrara writes that "the current Pope and many of the bishops have defected from, but have neither lost nor abdicated, their offices". But Vatican I teaches that the "gift of truth and never-failing faith was therefore divinely conferred on Peter and his successors in this see" (Pastor Aeternus). How can one defect from an office but not lose nor abdicate one? Can the Catholic Church, which is the spotless bride of Christ, have a defective office? Would this not be, rather, the harlot, the imposter, which certainly is not the Catholic Church? So Ferrara is saying these men have defected, yet they still hold office? An office that he refuses to obey? Mr Ferrara, where on earth is this in the catechism? ANY catechism?

    "For there shall be a time, when they will not endure sound doctrine; but, according to their own desires, they will heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears: And will indeed turn away their hearing from the truth, but will be turned unto fables." (2 Timothy 4:3-4)

  7. What kind of game is Chris Ferrara playing? Doesn't he clearly remember that his fake "Pope" Francis already answered the so-called Dubia loud and clear? It was news of great magnitude just over a year ago. How could Ferrara forget that on December 7, 2017 his fake "Pope" declared the permissibility of communion for public adulterers as "Authentic Magisterium"? Clarification was also published in the 'Acta Apostolicae Sedis.' For those blind souls who believe Francis is a true Pope: legislative acts of the Holy See are promulgated by their appearance in the A.A.S. They must be believed and obeyed by anyone who claims Francis is Pope.
    The recognize and resist/resistance position is so crazy, that in trying to defend it, Chris Ferrara and company are looking more and more "diabolically disoriented" every time.

  8. Wonderful job, Dr. Chojnowski! In one of the posts, Chris Ferrara says it's better to suspend Francis, rather than consider the sedevacante reality, because Francis may become Catholic again...Ha! Ha! Is Chris Ferrara a five-year-old, or is his idea about Francis becoming a Catholic the greatest red herring of all time? It's as if Francis was a saint before the Dubia!! According to Archbishop John B. Purcell, in a conference after his return to Cincinnati from Vatican I Council: "If a Pope denies any dogma of the Church held by every true believer, he is no more Pope than either you or I." However, Chris Ferrara thinks he knows better. He wants the Church to hold onto hope for the conversion of the Destroyer "Pope", apparently until he has completed his work of destroying a multitude of souls. Which side is Ferrara working for? He is certainly not on God's side.

  9. Fr. Hunwicke claims that pope Honorius taught heresy. He did not but did some things in favour of it ("...who did not attempt to sanctify this Apostolic Church with the teaching of Apostolic tradition, but by profane treachery permitted its purity to be polluted"), nevertheless he was solemnly condemned. At the same time, AFAIK, Fr. Hunwicke names as saints popes who did more condemnable things than poor pope Honorius. Pope Honorius had never allowed to place the idol on the tabernacle, never gone to synagogue (or the Arian temple) nor he had kissed the Zoroastrian Avesta.

  10. I used to be torn about sede vacante. With Francis, I thought the recognize and resist groups would finally have to acknowledge the fact of sede vacante. But, no, diabole dictu! the tortured logic of R&R becomes even more purile and nonsensical. Apparently, whomever has the secular credentials is a true pope of Rome, regardless of heresy so blatant that even Time Magazine can see it. Sad.


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