Is this the Interview that Caused Her Disappearance and Replacement? This is Why we at Sister Lucy Truth are Tentatively Establishing the Transition from Sister Lucy I to Sister Lucy II at 1958 to 1959.

Sister Lucia in 1957
"Men are in imminent danger"
1947, Age 40

"Glad the Window to the World Was Opened by Good Pope John!"1967, Age 60

Dr. Chojnowski: As far as we are aware, having discovered hundreds of photos of Sister Lucy I and Sister Lucy II, there are no photos of Sister Lucy between the years 1949 (i.e., Sister Lucy I) to her (i.e., Sister Lucy II) appearance with Paul VI at Fatima for the 50th Year Anniversary of the Fatima Apparitions on May 13th, 1967. Even though the investigation and the efforts of the investigator have not yet entered into the second part of the investigation, the part in which they try to discover what happened to the real Sister Lucy dos Santos and who the imposter was who they put out as "Sister Lucy" from 1967 on, we do believe that the real Sister Lucy was alive through the end of 1957 and even through most of 1958, primarily because of the interview which Tradition in Action has translated and which appears below. The persistent theme of this interview is that Mankind needs to take seriously the apparitions of Our Lady and her Messages in order to avoid the terrible Chastisements that Our Lord will reek upon the world on account of its sins and because of the way in which His Holy Mother is treated by the world and ignored by the world. The woman who gave this interview in the last days of 1957 was the sorrowful messenger of the Mother of God who wept because she knew about the punishment that was coming to Mankind after 1960. 
For all the posted evidence so far see:

For the Last Interview of Sister Lucy in 1957, see below:

Sister Lucy’s Last Public Interview - 1957

Fr. Augustin Fuentes

A reader recently noted that the interview Sister Lucy gave to Fr. Augustin Fuentes in 1957, is always partially reported, and asked TIA if we could post the full text. To assist in this request we are now posting the most complete text available of the 1957 interview with our own translation from the original Spanish. Fr. Augustín Fuentes was the Mexican priest named vice-postulator of the cause of beatification for Francisco and Jacinta. In that interview Sr. Lucy said that Our Lady told her: “The last means that God will give to the world for its salvation are the Holy Rosary and My Immaculate Heart.”

This important conversation of December 26, 1957 was the last public interview of Sr. Lucy. After it, permission was refused for any other interviews and she was effectively silenced and completely hidden away for the next several decades.

Another very jovial Sr. Lucy appeared 10 years later in 1967 during Paul VI’s visit to Fatima. This Sr. Lucy, square-faced, cheerful and robust – incredibly different from the oval faced, sad and pale Sr. Lucy who spoke to Fr. Fuentes - was seen more regularly starting in 1982, after John Paul II’s visit to Fatima. [See our Two Sister Lucys' analysis]

These are the authentic words of her 1957 conversation with Fr. Fuentes, which came from the records of the official archivist of Fatima, Fr. Joaquín María Alonso, CMF. Fr. Alonso spoke with Sr. Lucy and publicly testified that her statements to Fr. Fuentes in 1957 were genuine and true.

This text is from his book, La verdad sobre el Secreto de Fátima, Fátima sin mitos [The Truth about the Secret of Fatima without Myths ]. The text has the approval and imprimatur of Archbishop Sánchez of Santa Cruz, Mexico.

What follows is the literal translation of Fr. Fuentes' text reporting what he heard "from the lips of" the seer of Fatima.    TIA 

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Interview of December 26, 1957

Speaking to the sisters of Motherhouse of the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart in Mexico on May 22, 1958, Fr. Fuentes said, “I want to tell you the last conversation I had with her [Sister Lucy], which was on December 26 of last year. It was in the convent, where I found her very sad, pale and drawn.”

He then proceeded to read Sister’s Lucy’s words to him at the December 26, 1957, interview:

“Father, the Blessed Virgin is very sad because no one has paid attention to her Message, neither the good nor the bad. The good, because they continue on the road of goodness, but without paying mind to this Message. The bad, because of their sins, do not see God’s chastisement already falling on them presently; they also continue on their path of badness, ignoring the Message. But, Father, you must believe me that God is going to punish the world and chastise it in a tremendous way.

“The chastisement from Heaven is imminent. The year 1960 is on us, and then what will happen? It will be very sad for everyone, and far from a happy thing if the world does not pray and do penance before then. I cannot give more details, because it is still a secret. By the will of the Blessed Virgin, only the Holy Father and the Bishop of Fatima can know the secret. Both have chosen, however, not to open it in order not to be influenced by it. (1)

“This is the third part of the Message of Our Lady, which still remains secret until 1960. Tell them, Father, that the Blessed Virgin said repeatedly – to my cousins Francisco and Jacinta as well as to me – that many nations would disappear from the face of the earth, that Russia would be the instrument of chastisement from Heaven for the whole world if the conversion of that poor Nation is not obtained beforehand. …”

A decisive battle with the Devil

Sr. Lucy also told me:

Fr. Augustin Fuentes

Fr. Augustin Fuentes 
“Father, the Devil is fighting a decisive battle against the Virgin and, as you know, what most offends God and what will gain him the greatest number of souls in the shortest time is to gain the souls consecrated to God. For this also leaves unprotected the field of the laity and the Devil can more easily seize them.

”Also, Father, tell them that my cousins Francisco and Jacinta made sacrifices because they always saw the Blessed Virgin was very sad in all her apparitions. She never smiled at us. This anguish that we saw in her, caused by offenses to God and the chastisements that threaten sinners, penetrated our souls. And being children, we did not know what measures to devise except to pray and make sacrifices. …”

We cannot wait for Rome to speak

Referring to the vision of Hell that Our Lady showed her and Jacinta and Francisco, she said:

“For this reason, Father, it is my mission not just to tell about the material punishments that will certainly come over the earth if the world does not pray and do penance. No, my mission is to tell everyone the imminent danger we are in of losing our souls for all eternity if we remain fixed in sin.

“Father, we should not wait for a call to the world from Rome on the part of the Holy Father to do penance. Nor should we wait for a call for penance to come from the Bishops in our Dioceses, nor from our Religious Congregations. No, Our Lord has often used these means, and the world has not paid heed. So, now each one of us must begin to reform himself spiritually. Each one has to save not only his own soul, but also all the souls that God has placed on his pathway.

Two last remedies to save the world

“Father, the Blessed Virgin did not tell me that we are in the last times of the world, but I understood this for three reasons:

“The first is because she told me that the Devil is engaging in a battle with the Virgin, a decisive battle. It is a final battle where one party will be victorious and the other will suffer defeat. So, from now on, we are either with God or we are with the Devil; there is no middle ground.

“The second reason is because she told me, as well as my cousins, that God is giving two last remedies to the world: the Holy Rosary and devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. And, being the last remedies, that is to say, they are the final ones, means that there will be no others.

Our Lady of Fatima wears a sad expression

'Our Lady never smiled. She was always very sad'
“And the third, because in the plans of the Divine Providence, when God is going to chastise the world He always first exhausts all other remedies. When He sees that the world pays no attention whatsoever, then, as we say in our imperfect way of talking, with a certain fear He presents us the last means of salvation, His Blessed Mother.

If we despise and reject this last means, Heaven will no longer pardon us, because we will have committed a sin that the Gospel calls a sin against the Holy Spirit. This sin consists in openly rejecting – with full knowledge and will – the salvation that is put in our hands.

“Also, since Our Lord is a very good Son, He will not permit that we offend and despise His Blessed Mother. We have as obvious testimony the history of different centuries where Our Lord has shown us with terrible examples how He has always defended the honor of His Blessed Mother.

“Prayer and sacrifice are the two means to save the world. As for the Holy Rosary, Father, in these last times in which we are living, the Blessed Virgin has given a new efficacy to the praying of the Holy Rosary. This in such a way that there is no problem that cannot be resolved by praying the Rosary, no matter how difficult it is - be it temporal or above all spiritual - in the spiritual life of each of us or the lives of our families, be they our families in the world or Religious Communities, or even in the lives of peoples and nations.

“I repeat, there is no problem, as difficult as it may be, that we cannot resolve at this time by praying the Holy Rosary. With the Holy Rosary we will save ourselves, sanctify ourselves, console Our Lord and obtain the salvation of many souls.

“Then, there is devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, our Most Holy Mother, holding her as the seat of mercy, goodness and pardon and the sure door to enter Heaven. This is the first part of the Message referring to Our Lady of Fatima, and the second part, which is briefer but no less important, refers to the Holy Father.”


  1. The interview contains a key contradiction: Sister Lucia reveals the importance of the year 1960, and at the same time claims that it is still a secret. If she took this secret seriously, she would not have revealed this.
    How did she know that the pope and the bishop decided not to open the envelope with this secret?
    The quoted interview is allegedly made on December 26, 1957, or circa 3 weeks after the death of Bishop Giuseppe Alves da Silva - it was the interregnum period in Fatima. The new bishop did not arrive until 13 September 1958.
    In her speech, the alleged sister Lucia disregards the Pope and her bishop - this entrepreneurship is very similar to the personality of Łucja No. II.
    It is also worth investigating the figure of the Father Augustine Fuentes.

    1. It was common knowledge among the Catholic Faithful during the 1950's when I attended Catholic grade school (7th-8th grade in 1957-58) that the third secret of Fatima was, according to the Blessed Mother's directive to be revealed to the world in 1960 or upon the death of Lucia, whichever came soonest. At some point in the 1950's Catholic some media, and some rumors perhaps coming from convents spread the news of Sr. Lucia's death. This was recently confirmed by a former nun who was in a publishing religious order at the time.
      The reports of Sr. Lucia's death were soon after retracted , the only explanation given was that it was "a mistake"; with no details, and printed matter re her death was destroyed.
      I was in class when we were informed by and when the news was retracted by the nuns.
      We were concerned because we had anxiously awaited the revelation of the third secret, which we believed would be terrible, and we now would have to be patient until 1960.
      As baby-boomers, we had heard stories of the horrors of World War I and II from our parents and grandparents, and we believed the third secret to be worse.

      I feel a bit uneasy myself re this report of the Last interview of Sr. Lucia with her spiritual director, but the only concrete contradiction I noticed aside from the 'entrepreneurship' you suggest was that Luica said that the Blessed mother told things to all three seers, yet other accounts say that Francisco could not hear the Virgin, but only saw her. I am not sure whether his "not hearing"refers to all that was spoken by Mary during all apparitions, or to just some.

    2. Errr... no, there's no contradiction here. It was already common knowledge that the secret was to be revealed in 1960 as far back as 1944.

      From The Secret Still Hidden-

      "Although the Secret was committed to paper in January 1944,
      it was not until June 17 of that year that Sister Lucia entrusted
      it to the Archbishop of Gurza for personal delivery to Bishop da
      Silva on the evening of the same day. Lucia had placed the Secret
      in a sealed envelope which was, in turn, placed inside one of the
      notebooks containing her spiritual notes. As Lucia wrote to Bishop
      da Silva on January 9, 1944: “I have written what you asked me;
      God willed to try me a little, but finally, this was indeed His will:
      it [the Secret] is sealed in an envelope and it is in the notebooks…”40"


      "The Secret is linked to 1960

      Sister Lucia provided yet another early clue to the content of
      the Secret when she insisted that the Bishop of Fatima promise
      that the sealed envelope in which she had sent him the Secret
      “would definitely be opened and read to the world either at her
      death or in 1960, whichever would come first.”66 On the outside
      of the envelope Sister Lucia had described as “a letter,” she had,
      accordingly, written: “By express order of Our Lady, this envelope
      can only be opened in 1960 by the Cardinal Patriarch of Lisbon or
      the Bishop of Leiria.”67

      Sister Lucia later explained the significance of this date to
      Cardinal Ottaviani during the 1955 interrogation. As Ottaviani
      revealed in the aforementioned public address: “The message was
      not to be opened before 1960. I asked Sister Lucia, ‘Why this date?’
      She answered, ‘Because then it will be clearer (mais claro).’”68 In
      answer to the same question from Canon Barthas in 1946, Lucia
      replied simply: “Because Our Lady wishes it so.”69

      Thus, Sister Lucia, acting on “the express order of Our Lady,”
      linked the Secret to the year 1960. One can only conclude that there
      must be some major historical event in close proximity to that
      year which would make the contents of the Secret “more clear.”
      Only one such event was in view as of 1960: the Second Vatican
      Council (1962-1965), which John XXIII had announced on January
      25, 1959. "

      The Envelope was transferred to Rome before the interview.

      "On orders from Rome, the Secret was taken from the custody
      of the Bishop of Leiria-Fatima and delivered to the papal nuncio,
      Monsignor Cento, in Lisbon on March 16, 1957, by whom it was
      delivered to the Vatican in April of that year, along with the
      accompanying notebooks of Sister Lucia and photocopies of all her
      writings on file in the chancery of Leiria.5"

    3. Sister Lucia apparently disregarding the Pope and, not her bishop at the time but bishops in general is not necessarily "entrepreneurship." I believe she knew from the Third Secret that there would be a vitiated papal conclave and the almost complete loss of validly ordained priests and bishops following that.

      Something not mentioned in the article or in any of the comments is the very little known fact - or at least strong evidence - that Pius XII read the Third Secret on May 13, 1957 in the company of various cardinals, including the American Cardinal Stritch, and it has been reported that after he read it, he secluded himself for close to 2 weeks, weeping bitterly. Some of the contents of the Secret are indirectly alluded to in this short segment from a very important series of interviews by the premier researcher into the vitiated papal conclave of 1958, Gary Giuffre: : (3 min 40 sec)

      What is revealed there coincides with what Josef Ratzinger told a close priest friend, Fr Ingo Dollinger: that the Third Secret of Fatima included the foretelling of "a bad council and a bad mass":

      On the invalidity of Holy Orders in the Vatican II "counterfeit church of darkness" (Venerable Anne Catherine Emmerich's prophecy), see

    4. Many people object that Sr Lucia's family and the nuns in her convent could not be fooled by an impostor. They don't realize that Sr Lucia's family, just like the nuns in her convent, were probably - I think almost certainly - told that Sr Lucia had to be taken to a safe place (actually dead under the earth) since there was reliable information that "enemies of the Church" were planning to kidnap her and do her harm -- to keep her from revealing the Third Secret, which of course is true, but the ones who took her away under that pretense were themselves the enemies doing so! And then of course both family and nuns would need to keep silent about the impostor "under obedience," and besides, if anyone revealed the truth they would be putting Sr Lucia's life in danger. Perfect cover story by the cunning agents of Satan, who also took over the papacy in Oct. 1958, as they had long planned, grooming Roncalli from his early years to be the "Caretaker" anti-pope, the homosexual Montini, son of a Jewish converso mother, to be Paul VI the "Destroyer," and JPII the accomplished actor and Modernist and religious indifferentist, to be the subject of the bogus "Third Secret" revealed in 2000.

      There is even significant evidence that the 1981 shooting was faked, as one can see at

      Besides, there's virtually no blood in the abdomen area, pics show "blood" all over JPII's right hand and left index finger, as if he dipped them in a container and made some marks on his cassock with it. And now the cassock is in a Polish museum with almost all the "blood" splatters in the leg area. Maybe you can make this the subject of an article.

  2. Vea el libro de Barthas: allí le responde el autor.

  3. I tend to think Myron has a point basically because of what my elderly friend's uncle told his sister, her mother ,in her presence. He was a Monsignore on the Vatican Commission in Rome investigating the Cause for little Maria Goretti . He was outraged that certain Prelates decided to change the circumstances of her abuse which they knew had gone on for some time. Instead they decided to make her a model for virginity due to the changing social norms in society . In reality she was a little Saint for the sexually abused as children, according to my friend and her Uncle.
    It is beginning to come to light that clergy , for reasons of promoting a pious advantage in their opinion , took liberties
    with truth.
    One might look at the testimony of Ann Cillis , a genuine spiritual daughter of St Padre Pio concerning his body and the witnesses at the opening of his coffin vs the wax figure that lays in state for tourist devotion. Mrs Cillis was a close friend of Randy Engel's and wrote the Forward to her book , "The Rite of Sodomy".
    Or perhaps this more recent purported hoax .....
    I too wonder concerning the credibility of Fr Fuente's alleged account.
    One thing we know for certain having read the interview of Mother Celine after the death of Lucia 2, Opus Dei was certainly involved with everything Fatima after Lucia 1 left her Dorothean convent of 23 years in which by all previous accounts she said she was very happy and could leave for shopping and Dr visits with the other nuns and was unrecognized by secular society.

  4. This time-frame is significant. Golytsin (author of "New Lies for Old") revealed that a global meeting of all the Marxist governments and parties occurred between 1958 and 1960. The meeting was used to clean up after Stalin's reign and as a preparation to overthrow the west in the following decades.

  5. Providentially I received Darrel's comment here today on the 105 anniversary of Fatima.
    I am thankful for the email because I had just hung up from speaking to a friend who also is devoted to Our Holy Mother.
    In 1960 I was in Parochial elementary school and I recall how anxious we ALL , nuns and students, were to hear the Third Secret being revealed. Our Principal , Sr. Cecily , announced that the Pope read it but did not think it was for his Papacy ,so he decided to not reveal it publicly. a collective moan was heard throughout the halls. That is a small example of how excited the Catholic world was to hear the Third Secret !!!


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