The Saint Peter Dossier, Part IV: The Fraternity of Saint Peter is Part of Modernism! The Final Installment of RadTrad Thomist's Interview with former FSSP priest Fr. Joseph Poisson.

Fr. Joseph Poisson: There was some anger there [concerning my years with the Fraternity of St. Peter.] But some good things came out of it. I learned to say the Mass, I served as MC at the seminary, I learned the rubrics, I learned about how to do the paper work, the book work and how to run a parish. That is all in my blood. I have had that experience. But the basis of all of it was a lie, that the Archbishop had been [legitimately] excommunicated. Whereas, Fr. Bisig and all of them that left Econe should have known that it was not valid. But they were influenced by Cardinal Ratzinger in a bad way. I got over that. I let them figure it out for themselves. I could write a book about this. But if you are not searching for the truth, you don’t care. You have to want to search for the truth, it means a sacrifice. My reputation is gone. No money, no security, no pension, nothing. No car. Nothing.

RadTrad Thomist. Probably the best position to be in if you are a priest dedicated to Christ. So how do you view now the crisis in the Church from all that you have experienced and learned? How do you now understand all that a faithful Catholic has to deal with and what do you see the source of it all as being?

P. I must say that we must remember that the Freemasons said that, “We can destroy the Church with false obedience.” That the clincher. That one sentence says it all. Obedience is in the blood of Catholics. “I feel that I have to go to church on Sunday!” The devil is using that to bring them to Hell. All it takes is one sermon on “False Obedience” because then people will leave when they realize that “blind obedience” does exist. If the blind lead the blind, both fall in a pit. Those are the words of Our Lord. 

R. How do you view the [Novus Ordo] hierarchy at this point?

P. The hierarchy has a lot to answer for on Judgment Day. I know some people hoped that Cardinal Burke would do something. I heard some good stories. But he has his problems too, his issues. People say, “How will the Consecration of Russia happen when all of the hierarchy are Modernists?” Well, maybe Our Lady will do something and they will convert before then. Of course the prophesied “Great Pope” will come on to the scene. But [for the Consecration of Russia] the bishops must be united to the pope, and the pope must be united to the truth, and if there is only 5 of bishops in the world are in the truth, then those 5 bishops, with a Catholic pope can do the Consecration. Some Catholics say, “All the bishops in the world need to do it”…. No, no, no, all of the bishops that are united to the pope at the time. It could be just a small number that have the true faith. We cannot tell people that they are going to Hell for sure, because Our Lady, at the last moment, can give them the grace to make that last “Yes” to God for all of their compromises. 

R. What would you say to your former colleagues in the Fraternity of St. Peter? 

P. I would emphasize the idea of “false obedience.” Give sermons on that. Then the Modernism. We were never taught that in the seminary. That the Fraternity is part of Modernism. Those are the two big things. What is Modernism? We had no class on Pascendi, which would be essential for the formation of a priest. But they cannot do that because they have to be with the Modernist bishop. It is a “Catch 22.” You cannot hide the truth. You must preach it “In seasons and out of season.” But the only way that I could actually do that was to leave the Fraternity.  
So I will leave the Fraternity, so that I can be in the truth, because I could not see how I could do it being united with a Modernist bishop, the Fraternity priest must do that, so I gave up my salary, my comfortable life, my seniority is gone, my reputation is gone, but that is fine. I am peaceful because I am in the truth. Even if I have to say Low Mass with my mom until the Triumph [of the Immaculate Heart], at least I know I am in the truth. Again, having my formation, being from a dairy farm, the hard work ethic, I could take it, whereas these comfortable seminarians now, there is no way they would even look at that solution. “I want my reputation, what will my family think, you have to be a priest, right.” “You have to be in the system,” again if you understand the prophecies, the antichrist will use the One World Church to establish the One World Government. But, “You have to be part of the System!” 

R. What would you say to those in the SSPX who want to make a deal with Rome? 

P. I would say it is like blaspheming Our Lady, who said that Rome would only be converted when Her Triumph comes. There is a blasphemy when you say that Rome is okay to agree with now. The words of Archbishop Lefebvre are that you cannot agree with Rome until they convert, well that will not happen until the Triumph. 

R. What would you say to the typical traditional Catholic who has to deal with all of these crazy situations? 

P. Well, I have an example, a woman contacted us in Boston, Kentucky, she was in the Novus Ordo, but she read They Have Uncrowned Him by Archbishop Lefebvre, she became dissatisfied with the Novus Ordo, she went to the SSPX once and thought that they had compromised, so they would stay home, say their rosary and read the missal, and when Fr. Hewko was in the area —- it was Aberdeen, South Dakota —- he gave them Mass and confession. If you look at Catholic prophecy, you see that this was spoken of, not being able to always attend Mass until a priest, with the true faith, came around. What is virtue? It is fortitude. We have the example of the English Catholics, the Irish Catholics, but the greatest examples, according to Archbishop Lefebvre, were the Japanese Catholics, waiting 200 years for a priest. And we cannot wait 3 weeks! We have an unbloodied waiting. They had a bloodied persecution. So we are approaching that. I would rather have a Mass in a home than in a hall, because then we are prepared for the future. Less exposure, without the troops being outside and asking you, “Where are you going?” 

R. So that is how you think things are moving, towards a less grand…..

P. Yes, you have to understand the prophecies, you must understand the prophecies. 

R. I think many people suffer from this berating, on the part of the Fraternity of St. Peter, if they want to stay out of the System. They are just told that they are going to go to Hell. That is shocking, since we know that these people are searching for the Faith, to hear these words, even though all these people had so many experience of negativity in the New Church, to be told to stay in there, just endure it, just compromise yourself. 

P. There is a person in Calgary, Alberta, who went to a Fraternity priest for confession. But what happens if he says a few words in confession and you get confused. You think, “He is a priest of God” and then you get confused. Do you see the damage done there? “Your sins are forgiven.” Yes, but our sins can be forgiven by making a perfect act of contrition. God understands the crisis of the Church, so you just wait for your next confession. I told this person in Calgary to wait until a priest comes back in a few months and if you die before then, you sins can be forgiven by a perfect act of contrition. That is what our Faith teaches us. 

R. Do you see a universal apostasy in the world today?

P. Oh yes, there is no question about that. If you do not understand prophecies, you will not have peace. It was all foreseen. Even though you hate the sins and you hate the blasphemy, when the pope speaks out every day.  You need to pray for him, even just to reduce the damage! You know for sure that he is not going to be converted because of the prophecies. You have to calm down the people, but you must encourage them to keep the Faith.  Wait until a priest with the Faith comes, and, also, you are not going to be killed. You are not needing to risk your life. It is a matter of waiting. In North America, it just just a matter of waiting until a true priest brings you the sacraments.

R. So when you go out there, you find these hardy souls who want the faith…..And you advise them NOT to go to the Novus Ordo?

P. For sure. 

R. Would you advise people to go to the Fraternity of St. Peter?

P. No. Because of the Modernism and their working within the System. One big thing is that when you, as a Fraternity priest, take a collection that is going to go to the bishop, you are giving it to fund abortion, because they support and finance groups that support abortions. That priest that is raising the host, in that situation, is like raising an aborted baby. That would hit people more than speaking about theology. [For information on American Novus Ordo bishops supporting abortion providing and supporting agencies through their parish collections, including those taken by the Fraternity of St. Peter, see the article after this interview.] It can be proven, the bishop actually directs these monies to these places. We know, however, that this is due to a deeper theological problem; the rejection of the Social Kingship of Christ, the denial of No Salvation Outside the Church, supporting the teachings of recent popes; when you are in the System, you support it.

R. You have to support it or you are going to fall out of the System. 

P. I did not understand that until I got out of the System. Like they say, “I believe Vatican II ‘in the Light of Tradition.’” Well what does THAT mean? If you are on that boat, how can the faithful believe you are a true priest if you are on the boat that goes to Hell?

R. What do you think is the future for those Ecclesia Dei communities under Francis?

P. These are little things to suck in all the people, you have the Novus Ordo and then these Latin Mass communities to get them all to join with Modernist Rome. They get their candies, “I will give you this permission, this indult,” but there is more to it. “Oh its the Latin Mass!” No there is more to it, what they preach, what they do in confession, their way of life, are they leading a double life, faith means everything! Discipline also. When you look at the New Code of Canon Law you see a one hour fast for communion. They don’t see the wrong there. That is nothing. All these other rules they changed. NFP, the “Theology of the Body,” all of these things are so wicked, but they say, put it all aside and just go ahead and say the Latin Mass. No, it is part of the same faith. You feel like it is hypocrisy. 

R. Have you seen negative things happen to laypeople who have fallen into this trap of having to “obey” and submitting to everything that the Modernists hand down? 

P. Well, like NFP, I find it amazing that the families practicing artificial contraception and the families practicing NFP have the same number of children. Amazing. On Judgment Day, God will ask yo, “I see 3 children. I gave you 9. Where are the other 6?” 

R. So the Fraternity could not hammer things which the bishop did not want discussed?

P. No. You just have to be happy! 

R. Psychologically, how does it affect the Fraternity priest if they know that they only serve at the allowance of the bishop? Isn’t there a psychological problem with saying that the true religion can only go into a diocese when the bishop allows it? These traditional practices can only be let in if the bishop allows it. Because a Catholic has a right to the Tradition of the Church. How do they deal with that? 

P. No, you were not allowed to talk about that. The bishop is more important. The bishop would use the Fraternity when they had a problem with the SSPX, don’t take our Novus Ordos away but only those of the SSPX. If you wanted to do this, you would bring in the Fraternity. “We have this group that says their Catholic, the SSPX…….”

R. So the bishop was not open to the idea that you were a half-way house to Tradition, bringing in people from the Novus Ordo and teaching them the tradition and keeping them there. It was meant to keep people away from the SSPX.

P. Yes, “These people are outside of the Church, and I want these people to come around and support me, collections." Maybe, some had the idea that souls were “outside the Church” so they needed to be saved by being brought back. 

R. But they did not have the idea that you were to evangelize these people who were immersed in these Modernist churches.

P. Oh, no, no. I had experiences when I was working with the Legion of Mary and we would go into schools and they would kick me out because I was speaking about Hell. We had to watch our words and say things nicely. It is worse in Canada, because a Fraternity priest in Calgary, preached against homosexuality, in Canada you can go to jail for that, he was kicked out. In a way it is not surprising, that the ones that have left they have gone in the other direction. They would go to the Novus Ordo or to more liberal things. They never go to the SSPX. They never went in that direction, always in the other direction. 

R. One last question, how do you view Archbishop Lefebvre now? 

P. There is no doubt that the Great Pope will canonize him. He is a saint. He was the torch that kept the Faith. Hopefully, I will be a faithful son of him. Now, I really feel worse for the SSPX than I do for the Fraternity, because they know better. I am more hurt, since I have joined with the Resistance, with what the SSPX is doing than with what the Fraternity is doing. Some faithful are reporting to me that they find the SSPX priest more liberal than the Fraternity priest. 

R. What is the “carrot” that Rome dangles out and that leads you to go in a direction in which you never intended to go? 

P. Rome would always give us what we asked for. If we wanted to raise a feast, for example, The Chair of Saint Peter, to a First Class feast. They would be so happy, “The pope gave us this permission.” Like the pre-1955 Holy Week Rite. 
Also, the Fraternity priest is not fully traditional because they have to use Novus Ordo oils to confer the sacraments, and no one would ever answer that question for me. How can that be? We are not traditional. 

R. So their oils are blessed at the New Liturgy? 

P. Yes, I always thought that that was not right. 

R. So they do not make many allowances for the Fraternity? 

P. It is minimal. Do they give us real traditional bishops? No, “I will just read the book and confer this old sacrament.” And then the next Sunday they are preaching heresy. 

R. So Rome is not really opening the gate to genuine Tradition? 

P. No. I know a Fraternity priest that opened his chapel to the Novus Ordo bishop to give confirmations. I could not believe it. Now he is a superior in Australia. I would never do that. “But what else can we do. We cannot be outside the Church?” But read the Angelus about this. The old articles by Fr. Peter Scott.

R. I remember those letters and articles telling the local bishops,”We are coming to your diocese and we do not care what you say about it!” 

P. And that it is a mortal sin to go to a Novus Ordo Mass and against Vatican II. 

R. So the SSPX option does not attract you? 

P. No. After that first experience with the priest in Ottawa, no. It was one fo the worst experiences that I ever had. I could only say one Hail Mary. I was so exhausted. Many people do not want to go back to a hotel or a home environment rather than a church. But you only live life once and you must answer for your actions, sometimes that means a change. 

R. So Our Lady needs to lead us.

P. Also, I am not expecting all of the people that I am running into today to be part of the Triumph. If you show up at the Mass and then lead your life as if you were a normal secular person, God will read hearts. We do not know that only traditional Catholics are going to survive. Sometimes a traditional Catholic can be a devil. When you open up a window to the devil through worldliness. Often the Fraternity priest is only worried about their day off, when you are like this, you have to wonder how they are going to keep the faith.
For Proof of Fr. Poisson's statement on the use of diocesan funds to fund pro-abortion and other anti-Catholic causes, see the article by clicking the link below. The funds raised by the Fraternity of St. Peter for their diocesan bishops go to the SAME PLACES.


  1. We know where the Church is by looking for the 4 marks (one, holy, catholic and apostolic). The idea that the hierarchy of the Catholic Church has to convert to the Catholic Faith is absurd. If they aren’t Catholic, they aren’t the Catholic hierarchy. Obviously the Novus Ordo (Conciliar) hierarchy is not professing the same doctrine Our Lord taught to the Apostles so that should tell you right there that it is not the hierarchy of the Catholic Church. Don’t wait for them to elect a Catholic pope. It ain’t happening. The Catholic clergy need to elect a Catholic pope. It’s pretty simple really. Too bad hardly anyone can understand it.

  2. Interesting how that thing in the Vatican is insisted on as being the Church by Fr Pfeiffer, but in interviews with these priests it suddenly gets called something else, "the System", "Rome" or for SSPX "the authorities". Is it the Catholic Church or is it not. If it is, then there is nothing to stop Fr Pfeiffer or Fr Poisson eventually doing the clown act as pictured above.

  3. "Read the Angelus" on the Novus Ordo? The same SSPX Angelus that published articles saying that if we do not accept the one hour fast of Paul VI that we are "Protestants". But they themselves do not say his Mass or accept his saints. Contradictions! Lack of clear principles!

    1. Pope Clement I (97-100) ordered not to eat for a few hours after Communion - do you follow it? I guess you don't. One or three hours fast is disciplinary matter (personally I don't eat anything if The Mass is at 10 or fast for 3 hours it The Mass is later)

    2. I think that is one of the mistakes of Archbishop Lefebvre, in saying that the keeping a one hour fast only is not a mortal sin and not keeping the Ember Day fast is not a mortal sin, one gives partial obedience to prelates one has withdrawn obedience to. Heretical popes may or may not have jurisdiction, depending on if their heresy goes beyond the material realm. But since we cannot judge them, we simple simply revert back to the rules and jurisdiction of the last pope who has not given us a right to withdraw obedience to himself. So SSPX should be following the jurisdiction of Pope Pius XII, but for slightly different reasons then the sedevacantists follow it.

  4. RadTrad, please, would you read Letter Of The Nine on Do you see anything wrong with this? Makes a lot of sense to us.

  5. My conclusion from Fr. Joseph Poisson's interview is that the only place left for Traditional Catholicism is sedevacantism. Personally, even though I go to a Novus Ordo parish, I am financially helping Holy Trinity Seminary

    How can we financial support Fr. Poisson?

  6. Too bad Fr. Poisson made a wrong turn in heading to Fr. Pfeiffer's compound. He should have joined up with Bishop Faure and Bishop Zendejas in the SAJM. Now he has already received highly dubious conditional ordination from "Bishop" Moran. Still not too late to go over the wall!

  7. Poor Fr Poisson still needs conditional ordination. Fr. Pfeiffer's own aspirations to be made a bishop via Orthodox schismatic Moran has only hurt him. Hope Fr Poisson follows his path to its logical conclusion, sedevacantism.

  8. I know this post is almost two years old, but I just wanted to thank you for publishing this interview anyway. I just now read the series for the first time, after looking up information about Fr. Poisson online. I will be traveling soon to the upper NY state area and was looking for a traditional chapel to attend Sunday Mass, and Fr. Poisson's name came up linked with a Sunday Mass at an airport Holiday Inn in Syracuse. Anyway, I love to read person's stories and this story does give me a lot to think about concerning the SSPX. Nothing new, really, but just more to emphasize what I've already been pondering for some time now. Thanks again.


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