On Night of The Anniversary of The Sign in the Sky Signaling the Beginning of World War II, An Excellent Account and Some Somber Reflections on the Daily Substantiated Findings of the Sister Lucy Truth Probe.

Dr. Chojnowski: As my 18 year old son reminded me that this night was an anniversary dear to all those who venerate the Message of Fatima --- the Night of the Great Sign in the Sky -- it caused me to reflect on one sad thought. Clearly by 1967, the Vatican had already decided to put forward a imposter before the eyes of the public as "Sister Lucy" and as our handwriting analyst has shown, there is a stark contrast between the writing --- and, therefore, expressed personality --- of the real Sister Lucy and the woman who was made into "Sister Lucy" by 1967. The thought that struck me hard today --- call me slow --- was that if they are getting an imposter to forge letters in Sister Lucy's name, and not merely have an imposter be the "public face" of Sister Lucy, the real Sister Lucy must have been dead. I am not reporting the findings of my investigator, they are simply my own amateur reflections on the data as it has come in. If they brought someone out as "Sister Lucy" to deceive the public, if they had someone else write letters in her name --- in which she demands submission to the very deceivers themselves, it would surely be too risky to hide her away in some convent somewhere all of those years. The risk that word would get out that she was alive would be too great. The Vatican wanted to make this deception air-tight. So I can only conclude that from 1957 (when she met on December 27th with Fr. Fuentes) and 1967 when a fraud was put before the public, Sister Lucy died. Was she killed or was someone substituted for her after she died a natural death. That is for the investigator to work out. That there were at least 2 "Sister Lucys" is morally certain to us now. I think we can probably say that it is "mathematically certain." We have 3 facial recognition reports --- and are getting two more --- we have the judgments of 12 private investigators, we have handwriting analysis, we have forensic artists, plastic surgeons, dentists, maxiofacial surgeons, saying "fraud" and "we can prove it" and "it is IMPOSSIBLE that they be the same woman." As the fascinating evidence piles up, to be released in full when a comprehensive dossier is created, we are preparing to move to the second stage of the investigation, FINDING OUT WHAT HAPPENED TO SISTER LUCY AND WHO WAS THE IMPOSTER. We ALSO are establishing the necessary contacts to bring this information to a world-wide audience. It is being worked on right now by experienced people who say that this story is "huge"........"Fatima, come on".........

But everything in its own time, since I am only dealing with professionals who are experts in their field and with people who are  concerned that every "t' be crossed and "I" doted, we cannot come out with the evidence completely yet. I have put various reports up already, to assure my readers and donors that this was not a fraud itself. It is NOT. BE CERTAIN OF IT. We have DISCOVERED AND PROVEN THE FRAUD. We still very much need your prayers, your good words, and your generous financial support to finish the identification stage of the investigation and to finance the actual investigation into who was involved and what happened. 

I probably say too much, but I have always considered this our effort together to find out the truth.

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Newsletter N°20 – 30 January 2016

Dear Friends,
On the 13th of July 1917, Our Lady confided to the little shepherds :  « If men do not refrain from offending God, another and more terrible war will begin during the pontificate of Pius XI.  When you see a night that is lit by a strange and unknown light, you will know it is the sign God gives you that He is about to punish the world with war and with hunger, and by the persecution of the Church and the Holy Father. »
Twenty years later, on the night of the 25th to the 26th of January 1938, the sky was aflame with a strange glow.  From 9 o’clock in the evening until 2 o’clock in the morning, the night sky was illuminated with a red light.  This phenomenon was perceived in most of the countries of Europe, from Norway to Gibraltar, from Portugal to Greece, as well as in North Africa and in the United States and Canada.  At the time, everyone believed there was a gigantic fire.  The next morning, all the newpapers were talking about it.  The phenomenon was attributed to an aurora borealis.  The Bulletin de la Société astronomique de France described it in the following way :
Photo abbe
An aurora borealis of magnificent beauty was visible in France and in almost all of the countries of Europe, from Tuesday the 25th of January 1938, in the evening, until Wednesday the 26th, in the morning.  In the Swiss Jura, in England, as in the regions of the west, the south-west and the south-east of France, as far as Provence, and even further south, in Italy and Portugal, in Sicily and in Gibraltar, and even in North Africa, the phenomenon showed an exceptional intensity for these latitudes.  (…)
A blue-ish green glow, pale and pretty, covered the sky from the north-east to the north-west.  Gradually, the sky above lit up and formed an irregular, red vault.  A sort of crimson cloud formed at the north-east and moved towards the north-west as if pushed by a mysterious breath of  wind.  It moved back, undulated, expanded, faded, rekindled, while huge jets, whose colour changed from blood-red to orange-red to yellow, soared towards the zenith.
As for Le nouvelliste de Lyon it reported  :
An aurora borealis of exceptional magnitude furrowed the skies of Western Europe yesterday evening.  It caused an upheaval in a number of départements where the first reaction was the belief that it was a gigantic fire. The sky was alight like an enormous open fire in movement, creating a vivid blood-red glow. The edge of the fire was white, as if the sun was going to rise.  Doubtless, it was an aurora borealis, but according to Professor Pers of the Faculty of Science at Grenoble, one of an  exceptional magnitude.
aurore borealeTo characterise such a phenomenon by the expression ‘aurora borealis’ is, in fact, inappropriate.   Actually, aurorae borealis generally happen at the north pole and the areas immediately surrounding it, but very rarely below the latitude of 50°.  Moreover, they never have this allure of being a gigantic fire with a predominantly red colouring.  While they can come in different colours, the dominant colour is green and not red.  Finally, they have never been so widespread.  While they can sometimes stretch over a very long way, they form, for the most part, a ribbon about ten kilometers long.

Sister Lucia never accepted that this phenomenon could be attributed to an aurora borealis.  Here is what she says in her third memoire :
Your Excellency is aware of how, a few years ago, God showed this sign which the astronomers wanted to be known under the name of aurora borealis. I don’t know ;  but it seems to me, that if they looked at the thing carefully, they would see that this was not, and could not be, an ordinary aurora borealis, given the manner in which it presented itself. Whatever it was, God used it to make me understand that His justice was ready to strike at the guilty nations, and because of this, I began to ask for, with insistance, the communion of reparation and the consecration of Russia.
Even today, the astronomers are divided as to the origins of this phenomenon, because nothing similar has ever been seen before or since :  it is a phenomenon unique in history.  Another astonishing point :  the regions where the glow was visible correspond exactly to the zone of Christianity which was going to be set alight by the Second World War !
And even if it was the most exceptional aurora borealis ever seen on this earth, the fact that it had been announced twenty years beforehand, constitutes a truly exceptional prophecy, along with the miracle of the dancing sun on the 13th of October 1917.  These two prophecies announcing extraordinary natural phenomena, and observed by a very great number of witnesses, give to the apparitions at Fatima an authenticity which is also exceptional and which confer on them a place completely apart in the history of apparitions.  No other apparition, either before or since, has been authenticated in such an extraordinary way.
Therefore, if Our Lady has chosen such means to authenticate Her message, its importance is equally exceptional.  And so, it is particularly important to know it well, and to make it well known.
In union of prayer in the Immaculate Heart of Mary.
Yves de Lassus
President, Cap Fatima 2017


  1. January 25th 1959 was the day that Pope John XXIII announced the upcoming council and this date is now going to be connected with the most evil abortion legislation passed by the demonic Cuomo. There are no coincidences and we are in the time time of terrible chastisement. Our Lady of Fatima Pray for us!

  2. I hope you will stay open to all the possible scenarios. I can think of at least three. 1. Sr Lucy died in 1947 and the move to the Carmel was a way to cover that up and bring in the imposter. 2. She died sometime between 1957 and 1967. 3. She died after 1967 but as you say the imposter was the public face and the real Sr Lucy was hidden.

    My guess is that it was the first scenario because that would have been the easiest to pull off. And at the time they (Opus Dei?) probably conceived it to be something very temporary. They were probably surprised how successful it turned out to be.

  3. Sister Lucia must have died before Roncalli usurped Peter's throne. She would never have stood still and have the 3rd secret kept hidden after 1960. She would not have attended the Novus ordo Missae nor would she have supported the heretical Vatican II council. It is my guess that she was martyred after Pope Pius XII death.


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