All the Leaves are Brown: Hightest-Ranking Novus Ordo (Neo-Con) Prelate Yet Convicted of Homosexual Child Abuse: Cardinal Pell Found Guilty in Trial Under Gag Order


  1. Cardinal Pell IS connected to Opus Dei.
    "After becoming an archbishop, Pell invited Opus Dei to establish themselves in Melbourne and then Sydney. Under Pell’s patronage, “Opus Dei's star is on the rise, it is said, and that of others - including other more established groups within the Church - is sinking,” Sydney Morning Herald’s religious affairs columnist wrote in January 2002. This reporter saw “signs of a new elitism….a clerical culture is being encouraged in which there is a highly select ‘in’ crowd around Pell.”

    McCarrick victim James Grein states JP2 accepted envelopes from McCarrick ( as was done by Maciel) for "his projects" knowing full well what both McCarrick and Maciel were.
    Grein also indicates JP2 was part of St Gallen mafia.

    The much praised friend of JP2 Lech Walesa , has been proven to be a KGB communist agent........not just once but now more documents have surfaced.
    12.12.2018 12:20
    Newly unearthed documents are “further confirmation” that the co-founder of Poland’s Solidarity movement and former president Lech Wałęsa was once an informer for the communist regime, a historian said on Wednesday.,Newly-found-files-show-Poland%E2%80%99s-Walesa-was-informer-for-communists-says-historian

    JP2 is alleged to have worked with Opus Dei and the CIA to funnel money to Walesa and Solidarity.,9171,159069,00.html
    My question IS
    Could a communist Pope have been purposely elected by communists employed to foster the Perestroika deception?

    This sure smells like the most diabolical plan to subvert Our Holy Mother's specific warning about Communism !

  2. Well, he said he didn't believe in Adam and Eve on a TV show with atheist, Richard Dawkins. (google Cardinal Pell and Richard Dawkins youtube). If there is no Adam and Eve then there is no Original Sin. If there is no Original Sin, then there is nothing to redeem us from so there is no Redemption. If there is no Redemption... the crucifixion was just some kind of farce I suppose. What is the point in him being a bishop? in saying he is a Catholic when he clearly does NOT profess the Catholic faith? Who does he think he is to dress up in such pretty sheeps' clothing? I hope every single one of them is dragged out and put in jail. Not because of their crimes against children and so forth but because of what caused their crimes against children THEIR LACK OF FAITH, THEIR LACK OF BELIEF IN GOD, IN REDEMPTION, IN THE PASSION AND DEATH OF CHRIST, THE DESTRUCTION OF THE FAITH OF ALL TIME AND CHUNKS THEY HAVE TORN OFF THE MYSTICAL BODY OF CHRIST. If he doesn't believe in Adam and Eve or need any Redemption perhaps he had some other reason for entering the priesthood? God help us.


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