Surprise, Surprise, Surprise....And, Yet, One Must be a Part of the "Tin-Foil Hat Crowd," to Quote Chris Ferrara to think that These Same People Substituted Someone Else for a Cloistered Nun that came out every 15 years or so.


  1. Ya well he didn’t believe Robert Sungenis either before he actually did the research, as per his own words. It’s a knee jerk reaction to behave the way he is. He’s just afraid of being made fun of by the group he’s trying to cater to. Guess he’s just a slow learner but a fast talker. I pray he wakes up. We have to get used to ridicule unfortunately.

  2. It is amazing that Chris will quote Sochi at every opportunity and gush over his every article.
    Sochi a convert from the mid 90´s a darling of Italian TV and admitted Medjugorge fan and anti-Fatima suddenly overnight supposedly writes a book on Fatima and becomes the go to guy for all things Fatima. Really? Chris should ask himself why Pope Francis wrote Sochi personal notes or letters as if Sochi´s anti-Francis diatribe was just a fake show because it probably is. What do Pope Francis and Sochi have in common Chris?

  3. The regular Trad crowd has been ahead of the curve most of the time. With that a "I told you so" attitude has come a sense of smugness bordering on arrogance. What you are doing with the Sister Lucy Truth project not only could have but should have been done a long time ago. Why was it not done? ...Maybe just gullible or lazy and/or just didn't want to know. Whatever reason is not important. What is important is the Truth and to get to the bottom of this scandal. No time for pettiness. Great work. Game changer.


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