Take that Courtney Murray! Liberal Order and Dignitatis Humanae take a Slug in Spain. Looking forward to the Day when We can Fight for Christ and His Holy Mother without the Enlightenment Shackles.

Royal Arms of Spain

Willy Toledo -- Blasphemer 
Dr. Chojnowski: You have to like this. Finally the European peoples begin to stand up to those who would destroy their culture and deepest sensibilities. We can only look forward to the day in which such men will be prosecuted for objectively insulting God and His Holy Mother. 
Western Religious Man, since the Enlightenment, has his mind bifurcated into a religious sphere of one's thought and a political/social/practical sphere of thought. We operate, without internal unity and integrity, in both spheres, cultivating both, perhaps, but never allowing for the two to coalesce into a unified Catholic vision of the world and our own daily lives. This bifurcation is the demand which we must fulfill if we are to be allowed to operate in our Liberal Society. To enshrine this outlook within the Catholic Church, the Modernists like John XXIII, Paul VI, and Vatican II in Dignitatis Humanae, simply adopted the Americanist Catholicism that was practiced in the United States by a large portion of the Clergy and People --- the Germans of the 19th century and early 20th century being shining exceptions to the rule --- and castrated the Catholic Religion by making it politically and socially non-threatening. How can we be ultimately happy with the new religious liberty heresy of Vatican II and, even with the 1st Amendment to the US Constitution, when the former says that the government cannot discern what the true religion is, while the later prohibits the government from recognizing the true religion AS TRUE. We are relegated to, like fawning "Catholic League" people,     defending our "rights" and the "rights" of the followers of Buddha, rather than defending the rights of God and His Holy Mother. We CANNOT defend them, we can only defend OURSELVES as loci of personal civil rights. 

We are meant to be creatures of God. That means we owe him EVERYTHING. That means He has a CLAIM on everything. What would be the case if all of us acted as if we were integral Catholics with an integral outlook on the OBJECTIVE claims of Jesus Christ and His Holy Mother. Whoah........Something might actually.....HAPPEN..........

Let us hit the enemies of Christ and Our Lady hard. Let us speak the unadulterated truth and, maybe, since we would be doing what God wants, He will help us push back the lies and save and restore our Christian civilization. 

Here is the article about the actor's arrest published in the Independent. Here is the link to the article also:


Spanish actor arrested for mocking God and the Virgin Mary

Willy Toledo to face court after ignoring two previous summons over Facebook post 
Spanish actor has been arrested and detained for questioning after ridiculing the Virgin Mary and God, fuelling criticism of tight controls on

Mr Toledo ignored two previous summons, saying he had not “committed any offence and so there is no need to appear before a judge”.

The Spanish Association of Christian Lawyers filed a complaint with the public prosecutor over a Facebook post by Mr Toledo in which he criticised an investigation of three women in Seville who paraded a large model of a vagina through the streets.
The protest simulated a religious procession and was dubbed the “coño insumiso”, or “insubordinate pussy”.
Mr Toledo said the judge in the case was “possessed by the devil”, adding: “I s**t on God and have enough s**t left over to s**t on the dogma of the saintliness and virginity of the Virgin Mary.
“This country is unbearably shameful. I’m disgusted. Go f**k yourselves. Long live the Insubordinate Pussy.”
The Christian association accused Mr Toledo of “covering God and the Virgin Mary with ridicule”.
Mr Toledo announced in March he would ignore any summons to appear in court over the complaint.
“From here, I would like to inform the hitmen from the Francoist Borbón Spanish regime that I have absolutely no intention of wasting a single second of my life by appearing before your most illustrious lordships,” he said.

A court ordered he be detained after he ignored a second summons to appear for questioning in June.
The Christian association said Mr Toledo was pulling a publicity stunt. “It’s been seven years since he had a job,” said Polonia Castellanos, the president of the organisation.
She claimed Mr Toledo believed he was above the law and was entitled to “special privileges” because of his fame.
Several high-profile actors, including Oscar-winner Javier Bardem, have spoken out in support of Mr Toledo. Bardem said Spain risked a return to the repressive era of dictator Francisco Franco.
Campaigners said Mr Toledo is the latest victim of a crackdown on free speech. 
“In many instances, authorities pressed criminal charges against people who had expressed opinions that did not constitute incitement to a terrorism-related offence and fell within the permissible forms of expression under international human rights law,” Amnesty International said in its 2017/18 annual report.
Scores of Spanish Twitter users and performers have been investigated and jailed for glorifying terrorism or insulting the king in recent months, including rapper Valtònyc, who is on the run in Belgium from a three-and-a-half-year jail sentence. A Belgian court is set to decide whether to extradite him on 17 September.


  1. "How can we be ultimately happy with the new religious liberty heresy of Vatican II and, even with the 1st Amendment to the US Constitution, when the former says that the government cannot discern what the true religion is, while the later prohibits the government from recognizing the true religion AS TRUE."

    Very well said Dr. Chojnowski!

  2. Yea let's get back to the days before things were run by JC Murray, Gus Weigle, Wild Bill Donovan, the Dulles boys, Wm. F Buckley and skull and bones, before Abe Foxman was telling us what is allowable in Catholic worship, before Fordham and Georgetown University.....the days before Teddy McCarrick was doing international diplomacy for the Clintons and Washington DC. The days when Christ was(and is) King and his Mother was (and is) the destroyer of all heresies.

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