Original Photo of "the Meeting" between Paul VI and "Sister Lucy" found! TV Camera Stands Next to Paul VI. "Sister Lucy" Cut and Pasted In.

The Amazing Appearance of "Sister Lucy" 

Dr. Chojnowski: Due to the diligent work of a co-worker in the Sister Lucy Truth project, we have come up with the original picture of the first appearance of Sister Lucy II. As you can see by examining the two pictures, the TV camera still appears in the background of the superimposed "Sister Lucy". This was the faked picture that the plastic surgeon immediately recognized was "photoshopped." Sister Lucy II's face is slightly turned from the source photo, so as to make the eyes point in the proper direction. One of the strange things that can be noticed about Paul VI's arm is that in the faked picture, the fingers of his right hand are much farther away from his left sleeve than they are in the original photo. When you look at Sister Lucy II in this photo for a while the faked nature of the photo becomes perfectly clear. 

Below are the source photos from which the picture of Sister Lucy II was clearly taken. To prove that this is not simply some internet photoshopping, we present the official publication (Blue Army) in which one instance of the photo appears. 

Also, Supporters of Sister Lucy Truth: I have been away for the last couple of weeks at a location in which the internet is very sketchy. As I have mentioned at the beginning of this month, we are now busy putting together the professional reports from private investigators, facial recognition experts, plastic surgeons, a prosthodontist, and a ophthalmologist. 

When I started this effort I did not realize how much time it would take to produce these reports and collect them into a single file. I am dependent on their schedules --- which are tight. The working is being done. I will publish the results about this case as soon as I am able --- I realize it is late August. Please be generous in your support of Sister Lucy Truth. The bills are coming in. Nothing in this work, except the work of myself and some generous associates, is for free, unfortunately. In a way that is a good thing, since we know that we are getting professional analysis. 

I will publish the source pictures tomorrow, so that I can get this posting up without problems today.


  1. Wowzah! I know Heaven chose her a messenger for our times, little did we know Heaven made her a superhero as well!

  2. The crowd in the background looks different and/or different facial expressions. What does this mean? Three different photos spliced together?

  3. I was always suspicious of the photo. Great work.

  4. So we now have the source pic for Paul VI. This would indicate a composite of three separate photos taking into account the originals for the background and Sister Lucy, correct? Keep up the great work!

  5. https://kevinsymonds.com/2018/08/22/doctored-photo-lucia/

  6. More photomontages and original source (photomontages published in 1967). See:


  7. The original photo of "Lúcia", pasted into the photo shown in the article:


  8. If you look at the background crowd, the people are also in different positions, so it looks like both Montini AND Sister Lucy were photoshopped in, or in the case of just jMontini moved around from the original photo

  9. Not sure how but I have seen this photo many times over the years and I knew in the back of my mind it was baloney, something about it screams fake even if it's an old pre photoshop days photo. At least I think it's a pre photoshop days manual cut and paste job.

  10. I help people get scientific papers published as part of my job. So I point out likely bones of contention. Could this be two images of taken at the same event? The columns in the background are different. Learning

  11. To be extremely clear, and to slightly correct Dr. Chojnowski, the source photo is not the EXACT same photograph used in the fake. In other words, it's not the ACTUAL source photograph. Rather, it is a screenshot from the RTP archive video that depicts the exact second or two that the "fake photo" would have HAD to have been taken. The video is taken from ever so slightly a different angle than the angle of what was used as the source photo. This very slightly different angle explains why Paul VI's hands appear a small degree different.

    However, as is clear by now, "Sister Lucia" is completely absent from that particular moment in time. Paul VI WAS present. You can verify this reality by simply reviewing the RTP archive video here (see 29:02-29:08 mark): https://arquivos.rtp.pt/conteudos/paulo-vi-peregrino-de-fatima/

    In sum, we know "Sister Lucia" was there that day, but what is unknown is why they would widely use and disseminate these fake photographs instead of real images.


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