Best Video footage of the first time the Imposter Sister Lucy was put before the Public on May 13, 1967 and, also, Close-Up Footage of the Imposter Aged 70 or 80.

One interesting thing about this picture is that when the Plastic Surgeon was presented with all the file of pictures of Sister Lucy, he, without any prompting from us said, "This picture has been photoshopped." His analysis of this will be included in the report that will be issued.

Now for the videos:

Paul VI Meeting with "Sister Lucy" in Fatima on May 13, 1967. Here the deception is unrecognized by hundreds of thousands.

Here is the best close up video of the laughing, light-hearted, joking "Sister Lucy" who replaced the Real Sister Lucy, one of the "prophets of doom."


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  2. This story needs to be put in the hands of the MSM. It would be a good complement to the predatory homosexual priest and Bishop coverup scandal now being examined by the media. Two Sr. Lucies is clearly a cover-up of what is now taking place in the Church before our eyes and more confirmation of the truth of the 3rd secret regarding corruption and apostasy at the highest levels in the Church. It all fits together. This may be the divine intervention we have been praying for carried out in the mysterious ways of the Lord. Thanks be to God.

  3. Fatima center very good, except they sound preposterous when they call Vatican anti Council leaders popes

  4. I watched the video. What a farce. Why would they put up this woman as Sr. Lucy?
    She has a certain haughtiness that the real Lucy never exhibited.
    So tragically sad what has happened to our Church.

  5. Fake Lucy = fake V2 Church

  6. Looks like the evidence is conclusive. We have had a take out of the authentic Lucy. The hermetic-kabbalistic masonic thugs have been lusting after the rule of the RC church for a long time. With Roncalli-Montini and subsequent "popes" they got it. Need historical evidence and precedence? Get hold of a copy of the Alta Vendita or explore the 1903 election of Cardinal Rampolla, vetoed by Emperor Franz Joseph when he had the knowledge that Rampolla was a member of OTO. We barely got the great saint Sarto then. The enemy just doubled down, hid out, did something evil at the 58 conclave to give us Roncalli, Montini, and The Council. Everything since 58 has been unlawful, invalid and diabolical.

  7. Not only is the picture a photoshop, it is an *obvious* photoshop. I actually feel a little insulted that anyone would try to pass this off as authentic. As far as the assertion of the Two Sr. Lucies proposition I look forward to seeing the report. At this point I consider the evidence presented to date sufficient to make it worth my while to closely (and I mean very closely) examine the evidence presented in the report. I am a detail-oriented, in-the-weeds kind of engineer and really only consider primary source data. I am fascinated by the question of how we can really, really "know" something is true or whether that is even possible. Living as we do in a blizzard of lies and deception, I think the best we can do is to reduce the bounds of our uncertainty. I look for pursuing this case. I would assume that the individual(s) you have to selected to make the facial recognition assessment are at least somewhat competent, but they will have to "show your work" as my teachers used to say. I promise to try to avoid both Type 1 and Type 2 errors. Good hunting.

  8. It does look photoshopped... doesn't Lucia look like she was placed in the photo with an editor? Is that what your plastic surgeon saw?

  9. I do agree Michael Dowd that the two Lucys story should be all over the mass media. I remember waiting for 1960 to learn what the third secret was. I used to tremble watching a TV show called : Zero 1960. Malachi Martin spoke about it a lot with Art Bell on national radio. So it was out there -- lots of people were waiting. But what did we get instead? A fake Lucy who told us everything was fine. The whole world needs to know about the deception and betrayal of the Mother of God's warning.

    What we see today is all God's timing. He has taken charge of the clergy mess. He will take charge of this. As it says in today's reading of Ezechial 34:1-11: I myself will look after and tend my sheep.

  10. Where was supposedly Sister Lucy from 1958 to 1967? If she was completely in hiding during a period of 9 years people should had totally forgotten her face. The impostor had 9 years to prepare her act. This sounds dumb but I always thought she looked way younger than her age. She died almost 100 years old but her face was like she was 75...

  11. How is this not headline news yet? Fake lucy = fake church.

  12. Thats what I'm talk'n about.


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