It's Romanitas! Duh! Michael Matt Just Needs to Settle Down. Where did you Expect the last two Superior Generals of the SSPX (1982-2018) to be sent? Zimbabwe?

Dr. Chojnowski: There has been a recent uproar about the naming of Bishop Bernard Fellay and Fr. Franz Schmidberger as "Assistant Generals" to the new Superior General of the SSPX, Fr. Davide Pagliarani. Even the "SSPX supporters" from the Remnant, who, I have heard, will "never darken the door of an SSPX chapel," are "confused." I have already charged them with being "confused" about Catholic Doctrine after allowing a heretical article by Elizabeth Yore to be published in their newspaper in which the author advocated that the Cardinals meet immediately and "depose" Francis for a situation involving the pedophilia scandal in the Conciliar church.  I charged the Remnant with the heresy of Gallicanism and Conciliarism, but got no response. 
Now "just one member of the Catholic press," is "confused" about why the new Superior General would create two new "assistant" positions for the only two men who have run the SSPX since the early 80s. For those against a "deal" with Rome, would it not be better to have these two clerics in charge of some major concern within the SSPX like being in charge of the German district or the Econe seminary? Who Fr. Pagliarani appoints as district and seminary superiors will be of much more importance than the Romanitas employed in creating these new positions. On the personal level, I cannot imagine Fr. Schmidberger and Bishop Fellay, after having a big position in the SSPX for a generation and a half, wanting to be in charge of say.....Post Falls. 

So Michael, just settle down and stop being such a sower of discord........I just loved saying that!

Here is Michael Matt's article about his own confusion: 

Remnant Comment: While this development may well prove to be a good thing, at first glance it is somewhat confusing.  From the vantage point of an outside observer, it looks something like a general manager of a baseball team announcing his intention to keep his two previous baseball managers knocking around the front office to "advise" the new guy on how to establish a different style of leadership.  Bit awkward for everyone. Keep them around if you want, but why make the big announcement that seems to send mixed signals? 
Without wishing to take anything away from the good job done by either of these men in the past, I'm sure the SSPX leadership can appreciate why some traditional Catholics are a bit apprehensive over this announcement, since they were looking forward to the fresh approach of a 'new coaching staff' rather than an apparent reshuffling effort that may mean 'business as usual' when it comes to a whole host of problems blamed, fairly or not, on the previous 'coaching staff.' And this includes ardent supporters of Bishop Fellay, who only want what is best for the Society. 
The SSPX General Chapter is still in session, by the way, and therefore this brief observation is meant only in a constructive sense-- as merely the initial reaction of just one member of the Catholic press, while there may still be time to amend or clarify. 
Whatever happens, let's redouble our prayers for the SSPX--a crucial player in the Catholic restoration movement--and let us pray for the success of their General Chapter


  1. I agree with Michael, this smells of a coup. The young Society priests I know want this deal very much and are cozying up to the local diocesan bishops. They have already accepted this deal in principle, it is now just a matter of formality. The SSPX is done for. There is no difference between them and any of the other Eccledia Dei communities. Sad but true. In my opinion, Bp. Fellay should have been sent to live out his days in a monastery, he has done enough damage that at this point seems ìrreversable.

  2. Absolutely agree Matt is a "sower of discord", as if these great Churchmen don't receive their Graces of State from God to know how to navigate the treacherous waters of this modernist Church. Michael Matt is oh so much wiser than they are, right?

    Why doesn't he let them just go about their God-given task instead of stirring up discontent in the peanut gallery and creating discord in the midst of GOD's work: i.e. helping SSPX remain united and stable in the middle of a one of the most tumultuous storms ever in the Catholic Church.

  3. Dr chojnowski, even though I appreciate your no nonsense way of addressing church issues, you're a bit overbearing on this one, ....regarding the consecutive retirements of Fr Schmidberger and Bishop Fellay and the wisdom of keeping them on as "advisors" to Fr Pagliarani, which, if I understand correctly, Michael Matt doesn't think is such a good idea(I don't have a yea or nay opinion because I know very little about the inner workings of the SSPX, except to say on the basis of fleeting impressions, Bishop Fellay does not impress me as a man of strong principles).

    I don't see Mr Matt as a "sower of discord".....but so what!! What's wrong with "discord" if it's for a good cause. I'm not a big fan of the Remnant, but the word "whine" comes to mind whenever I visit Michael down in the "catacombs".

    Just reading this post of yours tells me that you are a guy who "sows discord" and good for you.....keep up the good work even though you're a bit over the top on this particular issue.

    By way of clarification, I've come to detest networks like EWTN, that play so bloody safe on Vatll, the conciliar popes, and now there's a "pope" who knows how to sow discord, but more in the service of evil globalism...At EWTN, you never hear a priest saying anything that is even mildly controversial.

    You know, you missed an important spiritual point regarding the two retired Superior Generals, when you mentioned how unrealistic it is to expect those two to take up a new position in "Zimbabwe" or "Post Falls" as you so humoursly and sarcastically put it. Think how much spiritual good it would do the church, apart from their immortal souls, for those two to submit in humility to live a life of prayer and penance in obscurity for the rest of their lives. Humility, so desperately needed today in the church hierarchy(humility cannot be separated from a love of truth), doesn't easily come to mind when one surveys, the current crop of bishops and cardinals, most of whom are scumbag heretics, cowards, queers or worse...apostates. And I don't know if Benedict XVl is queer, but I do lump him with the heretics(only God knows the extent of their guilt) because he is a coward and a mealymouth hypocrite....and may God have mercy on his soul...

    In conclusion, I do believe it would have been more productive to just informally correct Elizabeth Yore who is certainly a loyal Catholic who most likely spoke unwittingly in error about the cardinals "deposing" Pope Francis . She is a straight shooter, and it's to Michael Matt's credit that he has welcomed her to post for the Remnant.

    I first "met" you, I believe, in an interview Chris Ferrara did for the Fatima Centre, and later an interview with the late John Vennari and more recently a phone conversation with TradCatknight...which is where I found out about your blog.

  4. General counsel is an advisory body. It isn't in any way odd that it includes previous general superiors, especially when you consider that experience is an essential thing for an adviser. You may find the same thing in some civil legislation by which a former president is ex officio a member of the Counsel of the State (not in US).


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