Resistance Bishops Refusing to Service Chapels of Non Una Cum Priests? Yes, according to the following report from St. Athanasius Chapel, Vienna, VA.

Dr. Chojnowski: Just in from St. Athanasius Chapel, Vienna, VA.
In my private communication with Fr. Chazal he has indicated that he still believes the "Non Una Cum" position to be erroneous and, yet, he says that he bears no animosity towards those who hold the position. 

All this follows the news, cited on link below, that says that Resistance Bishops have refused to associate with or service the chapels of Non Una Cum priests, formerly of the SSPX.


Here below is the news coming out of St. Athanasius Chapel as written by W. E. Platz:

The bigger news this week is not Father Ringrose but the SSPX Resistance

Your Excellencies, Priests, and Friends,

The SSPX  Resistance priests, as a whole, have denigrated the Non Una Cum
Mass. It is not unusual to hear reports that some even have now said that
the Non Una Cum Mass is schismatic. Some others have written that the Mass
of the Non Una Cum Priests can NOT be attended. Indeed their own priests who
are NUC have been expelled from the chapel groups they were serving and
shunned. Furthermore the Resistance Bishops refuse to bring the NUC chapels
the sacrament of Confirmation.

So the big and good news is not that Father Ringrose, in defense of Catholic
Doctrine, has publicly stated that he has dropped the name Francis from the
Canon of his Masses. Rather the bigger news is that the Resistance group of
clergy publicly ACCEPTS Father Ringrose, despite the fact that many of them
still condemn NUC Masses.  Father Ringrose has been publicly Non Una Cum
Francis since at least the winter of 2015. At that time, he explained the
Church's teaching against R&R in conferences to his laity.
Since then the Resistance priests continue to service his Church even with
episcopal visits and Confirmations. January of this year brought the content
of the 2015 conferences to publication in three Sunday bulletin articles and
saw the removal of the name Francis from the St. Athanasius Sunday
Missalettes.  Nevertheless, the Resistance is still in service to Father

Another good sign is that Fr Chazal has written a book that reportedly has
some agreement with Father Ringrose. Father Ringrose stated in a Sunday
Bulletin article that it is OBVIOUS that Francis does not possess the
Indefectible and Infallible teaching power promised by Christ to the
successors of Peter, because he is OBVIOUSLY  imposing errors in faith and
morals upon the whole Church. Father Chazal reportedly concurs. It is also
noteworthy that in the introductory pages of the book Bishop Williamson
suggests that there is no problem attending NUC Masses.

We hope and pray that these events are signs that the Resistance [R&R], as a
whole, is coming to the realization that their justification for R&R is untenable and that they will soon themselves cease promoting this error
which is contrary to the promise and doctrine of Christ Himself as His
Church teaches. Essentially, in their effort, as honest as it no doubt is,
to defend one doctrine and avoid its related error, they have mistakenly
fallen into another doctrinal error of the highest order, namely that it is
possible that the Pope in union with the Bishops promulgate errors contrary
to faith and morals upon the whole Church.

We pray that while the R&R position is still maintained, its clergy will, at least, cease shunning their own Resistance NUC priests and refusing
sacraments to the parishioners of these priests. While these good priests
are begging for help, R&R clergy show no embarrassment in providing service
to Father Ringrose and making use of his hospitality and kindness. One may
legitimately wonder why the apparent double standard: why persecute their
own non una cum priests, who, like Father Ringrose, are only being faithful
to the teachings of Christ?

Adversus solem ne loquitur

W. E. Platz


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