"Ludicrous." Reader Finds Chris Ferrara's Dismissal of the Sister Lucy Truth Investigation. "Surely, the Vatican Would Not be Deceptive.....they just left something out." Join the Tin-Foil Crowd and Find Out What Actually Happened to the Messenger of Our Lady!

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Here is the section of the commentary posted by Chris Ferrara concerning those who believe that the "Sister Lucy" post-1958 was not the same as the actual woman who was the seer at Fatima. In the pictures above notice that there is about 20 years difference between them. Notice how Chris indicates how hard it was for him to accept that THE VATICAN WOULD ACTUALLY DECEIVE PEOPLE ABOUT THE THIRD SECRET. Wow.....I don't know how many hours of research it would take me to realize that.......but, not to worry, the comic folk who have never really imposed heresy or evil practices or anything like that....just have not revealed everything....THAT'S IT.....the Fourth Secret!!!!! 
Conclusion, and I realize that it is a whopping one, Chris Ferrara and Michael Matt and associates like Salza and Siscoe have spent their "apologetic effort" trying to convince us to stay within the Novus Ordo or to get back in it because there is plenty of room for everyone. Marxist Social Workers who do not believe in Hell or the Supernatural AND Gallicans who can keep their traditions  within the Multi-Ring Circus which is the Conciliar "Church".  

Here is the section: 

Symond's link in red here:

Even Christopher Ferrara has publicly stated the impostor theory is “ludicrous!” Instead, however, of


Ferrara's Comment in combox here about halfway down:

By the way, I am not a conspiracy nut of any sort. The "Sister Lucy double" conspiracy theory being aired here is ludicrous. Like Antonio Socci, I did not want to believe that what the Vatican published in 2000 was less than complete. But, like him, I did a 180 after reviewing the massive evidence that something must be missing.


  1. I wonder why Michael Matt and Chris Ferrara are so solicitous about the Novus Ordo Mass? I also wonder if they would agree with my position that Vatican II was a catastrophe for the Church and must be abrogated in it's entirety.

    1. That is why you still go to it?

    2. I was looking for a factual answer as to why Matt and Ferrara support the Novus Ordo Mass.

  2. Matt, Ferrara (and Recognize and Resisters in general) are hard to figure out.

    There is a long history of the Vatican's attempts to suppress and silence the BVM's message at Fatima, its refusal to release the whole message as instructed by the BVM on/around 1960, and capped off in 2000 by the Vatican's release of what most serious investigators of Fatima say was only the vision given to the three seers without the BVM's interpretation to them. The Vatican's interpretation of the vision contradicted all previous scholarship. Even some secular press in the US didn't buy it.

    The Vatican doesn't fear the King of Heaven and Earth when it ignores the Queen of Heaven's instructions but they wouldn't use a body double for Sister Lucy to further their Conciliar goals? The photographic evidence is not the only evidence that a "new" Sister Lucy emerged and together that circumstantial evidence rises to at least "reasonable suspicion." Finally, the use of a "new" Sister Lucy to claim that the Consecration to Russia was completed and to put on a smiling face at JPII public events involving Fatima would be consistent with the Vatican's attempts to relegate the Third Secret to the past.

    I must admit that I haven't a clue what the R&Rers hope to accomplish. Hopes that public resistance to the person holding the office of pope would cause the pope (and the Conciliar machinery behind him) to "see the light" should have died along with Abh Lefebvre (God rest his soul). They are either incredibly blind or they are intentionally aiding the Conciliar Church to undermine the Papacy. Add that to the list of conspiracy theories.

  3. Dr. I have come to the plausible conclusion that the 1958 conclave resulted in the entire takeover of the Catholic Church by the Rothschild Masonic Kosher Nostra. Can one think, for a serious minute, that an organization that had muscled the entire world into accepting the criminally created state of Israel would allow or hesitate to destroy an entity that would morally resist them? Not a chance. Besides running the Vatican would increase their evil wealth & give them a podium for their diabolical progressivism. They sent the message to the conclave....submit or many will die. Of course I don't know the details but check out FBI report that Cardinal Siri was elected Pope in 1958. From Roncalli on we have been living under a very evil deception. And they are beginning to operate as if they don't care if you know it.....did they create a fake Lucy along with a fake 3rd secret? Is the Pope not a Catholic?


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