UPDATE; "The Extirpation of the R & R Heresy by the Pastor, Fr. Ringrose" Anti-R&R Headlines Keep Coming out of St. Athanasius Church, Vienna, Virginia

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Pentecost Sunday Bulletin : Indefectiblity Defined 
From: William Platz ~ fjm.foch@gmail.com

Vienna VA.  St. Athanasius Church.
The Extirpation of the R & R Heresy by the Pastor, Fr. Ringrose.

Greetings Friends: 

You are receiving this email because you are friends of Fr. Ringrose and St. Athanasius Church or because of your friends who are here.  If you are unfamiliar with our recent events you may want to first scroll down to the links near the bottom which  will connect you to the context and the backstory. Otherwise just proceed to the next paragraph which is the announcement of Father Ringrose, Pastor, in this past Sunday Bulletin continuing with the work of rooting out the R&R heresy.

20 May 2018
From Fr Ringrose in the Sunday Bulletin for Pentecost Sunday

[QUOTE:] This work continues, even in these dark days! We must remember, by the promise of Christ, not only that the Church will last until the end of time, but that she will never cease in her mission to teach the truths revealed by God; that the Holy Ghost will watch over her and keep her unspotted from all error; that the Holy Ghost WILL NEVER PERMIT the pope to teach any error to the Universal Church. This, as Catholics, we MUST all believe. To say otherwise, is to say the Church has failed, and Christ's promise has come to naught. [UNQUOTE]

Father Ringrose apparently believes that there is a need to be more specific on the promise of Christ which is –  that by the power of the Holy Ghost it is IMPOSSIBLE that Church [pope & bishops] could teach falsehood in Faith and morals. Because in today's Pentecost Sunday Bulletin [above] he makes reference to Indefectibility. He may have done this because there have been broadcast emails to our Pastors flock giving lessons counter to the dogma of Indefectibility and Father Ringrose’s admonition that R & R must be rejected, because it is – at the very least – an implicit denial of Christ's own promise that it is impossible for the church to teach an essential doctrine different from the doctrine taught by Christ and his Church.  An example – Bishop Williamson stated in his Eleison Comment #560 that the Universal Ordinary Magisterium [UOM] of today [i.e. the Novus Ordo Popes & Bishops] has contradicted the UOM of the 261 pre Vatican 2 Popes.  We LOVE Bishop Williamson and pray that he recognizes that that statement destroys the very notion of Indefectibility.

A fuller definition of Indefectibility is provided for your convenience:

“In saying that the Church is INDEFECTIBLE we assert both her IMPERISHABLENESS, that is, her constant duration to the end of the world, and the ESSENTIAL IMMUTABILITY of her teaching, her constitution and her liturgy...” Fundamentals of Catholic Dogma –   by Dr Ludwig Ott  Page 296. [My emphasis]

Adversus solem ne loquitur

W. E. Platz



  1. Pray for Fr Ringrose. He is courageously leading this chapel out of the heresy of SSPX/Resistance against direct opposition from subordinates and laity. To be fair, the Resistance thought they had their man in Fr R, who tried the impossible: to have an ecumenical chapel of RR/SSPX heretics and Catholics. But Catholics are Papists. To disagree on the identity of the pope is so flatly non-Catholic that it could not exist in one chapel.

  2. We owe a debt to Mr Platz, too. He has bravely stood up to the Resisters when he could have kept quiet. Resistance at ST A's is vicious and stubborn, and I think Bill knows the pressure needs to be kept up.

  3. The Church cannot teach error. That is guaranteed by Our Lord and the Third Person of the Holy Trinity. Thus you can discern the evil purposes of the Vatican 2 council. They did their best to remove everything. We are in the season of the almighty God, the Third Person, Pentecost. The subversive wretches have reduced a 6 or 7 month season to one day. Check out the Biblical pontifical councils statement in 2002, at the governance of Joseph Ratzinger, that the jews do not wait on their messiah in vain. When that sinks in....then you can begin to discern that the darkness is indeed very dark. Those trying to delude themselves that the Judeo-Modernist imposters, JP2 and Ratzinger, are the answer to Bergoglio, are in a delusion and diabolical deception.

  4. "Resistance at ST A's is vicious and stubborn"
    Never seemed that way to me. Sede priets from SE Asia, southern VA, and New York, have all been treated respectfully.

    1. As a lifelong member of the parish, I have not witnessed this either. These are good and holy men (the 3 priests) and the parishioners that have remained and joined over the years are strong and supportive in the faith despite the minor differences in opinions at times. The school St. Anthony's Academy is always in need of support and has been doing well despite being surrounded by pure modernist and liberal society. Please pray for the priests Fr. Ringrose, Fr. Ortiz, and Fr. McMahon. My grandfather attended this parish with just Fr. Ringrose in the basement of the rectory and his dying wish was a high mass with 3 priests and God ordained that it should happen. He died on Christmas day halfway through receiving the Aposotlic Blessing. Please visit my site http://tradcat4christ.com


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