1961: Letter reveals Demands made by The American Jewish Committee to Cardinal Bea to Change Catholic Teaching and Liturgy. Guess what ended up happening?


  1. Is this the same Abraham Heschel that in an interview once said he wanted to wage war on Christian souls and that he preferred the "weapon" of dialogue to that of open warfare? The same Heschel who mentored Michael King (alias Martin) who would wind up having the most exalted day in the American Catholic Church calendar outside the days of Christmas and Easter, despite his clear communist ties, vile moral life and the fact that he was a heretic?

  2. Thank you for the insight, Doctor. Things could not be clearer for those who wish to see! The shocking element is that Pius XII obliged to an extent...

  3. Is this when the Jewish leadership decided to eliminate the Anti Christian blasphemies against Our Lord Jesus Christ and Our Holy Mother in the Talmud? Did they agree at this time to designate the same with an (O) ,meaning oral tradition to be passed down only verbally from their Rabbis?
    If so , it would appear one sided and deceptive for the stated purpose of bettering relations.

    1. You must mean those Talmud passage about Jesus boiling in his own excrement in hell, and the Virgin Mary fornicating with a Roman soldier (in case people didn't know). Do as I say, not as I do, when it comes to perfidious Jews.

  4. What I can't understand is why the American Jewish Committee would address their 'concerns' to the Secretariat for Christian Unity. What have Jewish matters got to do with Christian Unity? Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

    But there must have been something going on for the Jews to correctly gauge that circumstances were favourable for them to make their insolent accusations. And sure enough, they had the desired impact.

    At Vatican II it had been planned to discuss only the relationship of the Church with 'Christian' confessions, leaving non-Christians out of the picture, but with the hijacking of the Council right from the start, this agenda changed completely. Suddenly, protracted discussions about the relationship of the Church with non-Christians were on the table.

  5. Do you catch that, Catholics? According to the Jews, even St. John the Evangelist is an anti-Semite for simply stating the truth about the Jews and their rejection of the Messiah. This is the insane, PC world we live in now.

    Steve D.

  6. Devastating and revealing piece on the Christ or Chaos site...." The Montini Paradigm shift". May the scales fall from our eyes as the men and the methods used to replace the true Church are revealed.


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