Alert! I have received a Warning from Robert Siscoe. RadTrad Thomist is Coming Up in the World!

Here is Robert Siscoe's Warning to Me and My blunt Response:

Warning to Peter Chojnowski

Mr. Chojnowski,

You need to retract the following false statement that you just posted on your website: "If what Salza and Siscoe say is true concerning the need for specific ecclesiastical judgment in order [to] have someone ACTUALLY DEFECT FROM THE Catholic Church…"
We have never said that "a specific ecclesiastical judgment" is require for someone to "actually defect from the Catholic Church."    This is one more lie Fr.Kramer has been spreading online.  Did you read Part I of our reply?  Fr. Kramer's entire argument against us is full of lies.       

In the future, if you think we hold an erroneous position, ask us directly before posting it online. And if you are wise, you won't believe anything  Fr. Kramer says.  

Robert Siscoe

My response:

Dearest Bob,
I can paraphrase the essence of your argument in any way that I choose on my own blog. If readers wanted to read your actual text and your arguments against Fr. Kramer, I provided the actual link —— given to me by Fr. Kramer —— to your own site. I don’t believe that any one is arguing about whether a “Catholic” who goes to the Jehovah Witnesses Hall and is not formally condemned by the Church has nevertheless defected. This is insignificant for the entire discussion you have been having on the question of how public heresy separates one from the Catholic Church without need for any kind of canonical judgment. You and Attorney Salza say that you need such a judgment since simply public and notorious heresy —— in your very novel turn of mind — does not necessarily separate one from the Church. If this is not what you are ultimately arguing THAN WHAT ARE YOU ARGUING? My summary of your position is not Fr. Kramer's, it is mine. He is taking you apart in a technical and systematic way. I am simply summarizing your position for my readers. 
Knowing Fr. Kramer, as we both know him, your statement that we should not believe ANYTHING that he says, as if he has not cited innumerable theological texts to justify his simple and Catholic position that a public heretic cannot be in the Church or even a Christian, is strange and indicates a certain “battle fatigue.” To tell you the truth, I have never, in all the controversies that I have been involved in over the past 20 years ever received a note headed “Warning to Peter Chojnowski.” That’s just creepy. 

Yours, Peter E. Chojnowski, Ph.D. (Fordham, 1993). 


  1. Wow! What chutzpah to send such a "warning". It is getting ridiculous these days. So many people think that they are gods that can strike with lightning whomever displeases them. Thin skin seems to be rather prevalent amongst the "enlightened" class.

    Barbara Epley

    1. Of course they also think that inferiors can 'warn' a Pope...

  2. Gee, I thought the other half of the Siscoe, Salza duo might deliver the " threat". I mean it sounds so Much like what a Mason might do....even though we know of course that Salza is an "ex" Mason.

  3. If the 2nd Vatican Council was a seriously infiltrated Council by the enemies of the Church such as the Masons as many of us have come to believe that it was, then the whole ipso facto excommunication of a conciliar Pope (s) for manifest, obstinate heresy becomes a critical point for the enemies of the Church to contend against. If the informed Catholic comes to understand that a serious heretic cannot be catholic, let alone the Pope....and therefore Bergoglio cannot be Pope, then the foundations of the robber council begin to shake and the very deep rabbit hole opens up. If Bergoglio is not Pope what about his predecessors who embraced Modernism and put the apparatus together to elect an anti-Pope? The entire apparatus, council and all would be shaken to it's rotten core. Therefore they will fight this obvious truth with everything they have and they will have plenty of paid accomplices in the media and just plain dupes to go along with them.

  4. Ok, I've had enough of Siscoe and Salza's dissimulation routine. Their writing is so cryptic as to be just about impenetrable. They seem incapable of saying anything with frankness and clarity, and yet tap out thousands of words whenever their hands touch the keys. Are they just trying to stir the pot, to sew controversy where peasant Catholics are gaining a voice? When a priori reasoning seems obviously called for, S & S grope around inductively like hopping from rock-to-rock in mid stream. They constantly deny having said a certain thing, which is in fact fitting, because they seem to say so little of any substance. Their hair-splitting, equivocating, and grafting of their own thoughts onto the sources they quote as authorities make their writing seem downright Talmudic. Their work resembles the rabbis' trick to make the text say whatever they want; and yet never have to take responsibility for ever having said anything. Tiresome. Siscoe and Salza: your exit from the Bergoglian damage control crew is overdue. Perhaps find some pro bono work helping Hilarity Clinton parse the meaning of "is", should she be deposed. Please get lost.

  5. I wish I as a laymen could honestly contend that I knew more then one of the most learned priests today.

    Fr Kramer has destroyed them continually time after time. It’s basic Catechism that heresy separates you from the Church! But apparently basic Catechism just isn’t as simple as that.

    Andrew Magoffin

  6. The Siscoe Kid strikes again ....

    Sorry ... I couldn't help myself ... Why can't we be friends? : )

  7. S&S are becoming more and more creepy. Their obfuscation is rising in proportion to direct responses to them by Fr Kramer. Rather than respond intelligently, they have resorted to "shooting the messenger". Fr Kramer is not a sede. To date, IMO, no sede has intelligently answered the question(s)...
    1) "If the Chair of Peter has been empty since 1958 where do you go from there?"
    2) "How is this problem corrected and who corrects it...a sede Bishop(s)?
    3) "Why should anyone follow the sede position, let alone their Bishops?"
    4) "Is not the sede position just another form/deformed version of the "private judgement" nonsense of the heretical Protestant mindset?

    1. I believe that those are great questions, which have all been answered intelligently IMO. Church teaching clearly teaches that a public heretic loses his office ipso facto. I don't wish to go through all of the questions because it sounds as if you have already heard the responses. I believe that now more than ever we need a strong faith in God and believe that He alone will get us out of this situation if He desires.
      This apostacy in the Church has all been foretold many times by our Lady which affirms my belief that the chair is vacant. The gates of hell shall not prevail against the Church, meaning HERETICS shall not prevail against the Church- as taught by St. Thomas Aquinas and others. IMO if you believe post Vatican II popes are true popes that would mean the gates of hell have prevailed.

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  9. Well if they want Bergoglio, they can have him! It’s just basic Catechism that a heretic isn’t a Catholic. And you don’t need a 700 page doorstopper to prove that!


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