When are we going to start calling "Neo-Conservative Catholics" by their real name, "Neo-Modernist"? The case of Christendom College.

When we look into the lives and statements of the "Neo-Conservative" "Catholics," we find that they publicly and explicitly endorse everything significant that the Neo-Modernists have done and taught. They also have identical views on the status of those who have the temerity to reject the Neo-Modernist path set by Vatican II and the Modernist hierarchs. Find a deviation or a real objection. If you venerate and pray to the initiator of Vatican II and its savaging of the Catholic Religion and the one who did the unthinkable at Assisi in 1986 (which event, by the way, we were NEVER told about by the now venerators of John Paul "the Great") and, among other things allowed the Buddhists to worship a statue of Buddha at the Church of St. Peter in Assisi. Here is an question asked on EWTN of Dr. Warren Carroll concerning the SSPX's criticism of JPII for his act of public apostasy at Assisi. With this response it is clear that Dr. Carroll held that such radical events and the ideas and teachings behind them, such as "All religions worship the same God," are to be accepted as coming from God Himself through the agency of JPII.  Here is the question and the answer. Then, below, I have an article from Christendom College's own website indicating the celebration and veneration of two of the most catastrophic figures in the history of the Catholic Church --- John XXIII and JPII. When I was at the college, the only thing emphasized by them concerning JPII was that he was "anti-communist" and "pro-life":
HERE WAS MY QUESTION REGARDING THAT STATEMENT ABOVE: What is the CHURCH's standing on the SSPX? Why are they so bias against PJII? They are making the problem within the Church worse by NOT giving their full obedience and loyalty to our Pope. How can they call themselves CATHOLICS with all these bigotry towards the CHURCH. HERE WAS YOUR ANSWER: Answer by Warren H. Carroll, Ph.D on 07-31-2001: The SSPX does not give its loyalty to the Pope, the succeasor of Peter as head of the Church, the Vicar of Christ. His actions which you condemn are intended to recognize that adherents of other religions also do believe in God and worship Him, even without full understanding of His Incarnation in Jesus Christ. What is wrong with that? Try to think more about what could be right with it instead of being so quick to condemn Christ's Vicar. - Dr. Carroll ______________________________________________________ I believe Dr. Carroll that your answer does not address my question. Like I said in the beginning, I never condemn the Pope or his actions, in fact it's quite the opposite, I am loyal to our Pope and the CHURCH.
Answer by Dr. William Carroll on 8/1/2001:
I believe my earlier answer to you was entirely correct. I am glad to know that you do not agree with the SSPX condemnation of the Pope. Neither you nor they can judge the Pope; only God does that. - Dr. Carroll

Now to the "Canonizations":
Headline at College website in 2014: Students Celebrate Canonizations of Popes John Paul  II and John XXIII. Notice Dr. O'Donnell --- recent promoter of Amoris Laetitia --- says that "the college itself is a fruit of the teaching of the Second Vatican Council." Question. How is this "traditional" or "conservative" in any way?
Here is the article from article from the College's website:
The students of Christendom College will celebrate the canonizations of Popes John Paul II and John XXIII with a series of events being held from April 22-28. Scheduled events include films, lectures, Masses, and a live simulcast of the canonizations from Rome on April 27. Students participating in the college’s Junior Semester in Rome Program will join the hundreds of thousands of pilgrims that are anticipated in St. Peter’s square for the event.
“A unique charism of Christendom is our devotion, not only to the Holy See, but also to the person of Holy Father,” college president Dr. Timothy O’Donnell says. “In a special way we are honoring the memory of Pope John XXIII, since the college itself is a fruit of the teaching of the Second Vatican Council, which he called. Pope John Paul the Great happened to be the pope for almost the entire history of our college and he always showed special solicitude for the work of the college.”
Blessed Pope John Paul II knew Christendom College well, having met with O’Donnell on numerous occasions. In a 1992 meeting, the late-pontiff said to O’Donnell and the college’s founder, Dr. Warren Carroll, that Christendom was “doing a great work for the Church.”
O’Donnell meets with (soon-to-be) St. John Paul.
O’Donnell noted that the college community has had a great devotion to Blessed John Paul II. One of the central hubs for students on campus is the John Paul the Great Student Center, which features a beautiful and welcoming statue of the pope that students walk by everyday. Also, the college’s Christ the King Chapel is home to a chalice and paten of John Paul II, which was given to the College on the occasion of the chapel’s dedication.
The celebratory events, organized by college chaplain Fr. Donald Planty, begin on Tuesday, April 22 at 7:30 p.m. in St. Kilian’s Café with a talk by Fr. Planty on “Personal Encounters & Inside Stories about Pope John Paul II.” On Wednesday, April 23, Christendom history professor Dr. Chris Shannon will deliver a lecture entitled “The Significance of Pope John XXIII in Church History” at 7:30 p.m. in St. Kilian’s Café. A series of movie nights will then follow on April 24 and 25 at 7:30 p.m. in the café showing “Pope John Paul II,” starring Jon Voight, and “John XXIII: The Pope of Peace,” starring Ed Asner. On Saturday, April 26, Fr. Planty will lead students on a pilgrimage to the Bl. John Paul II Shrine in Washington, D.C. At 4:00 a.m. on Sunday, April 27 students in Front Royal will join the students in Rome through a simulcast of the canonizations, which will be followed by Divine Mercy Sunday Mass at 3:00 p.m. in Christ the King Chapel. The following day, the 7:30 and 11:30 a.m. Masses will be in honor of Sts. John XXIII & John Paul II, respectively.
“With the entire universal church, we rejoice at the elevation of these two outstanding popes to sanctity,” O’Donnell said.


  1. Thank you. This is more along the lines of what I had hoped would come from Dr. Hickson's story, but alas that was way too personal. Regardless, one has to wonder if the founding of Christendom College ever had a truly Catholic purpose. They market the college as a Catholic force that upholds Tradition. I beg to differ. They uphold the traditions of the Conciliar church and anyone who dares to disagree with them is public enemy number one. Dr. O'Donnell is clearly a professional catholic who is immersed in hob-knobbing with powerful hierarchal connections. He is endeavoring to raise $40 million to build a new chapel that is hardly needed, and yet the students live in sub-par dormitories and eat sub-par food - and this for $38K a year tuition! Who are all these wealthy donors to the college? An interesting angle to pursue, perhaps.
    In addition, if the professors at Christendom who claim to be Thomists were truly Catholic, wouldn't they have signed the Filial Correction? As within the Vatican, certainly a climate of fear must exist. These are the rewards of those who side with the Devil.
    God bless.

  2. You note one of the biggest problems right now few want/recognize: a crisis in canonization. The whole thing needs reformed, as it is often a popularity contest or a political tool. There's a lot of so-called "trads" who don't even recognize this problem.


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