NewChurch History: Dr. Warren Carroll said that Opus Dei was from God, but poor St. Philomena did not even exist! With this kind of "Catholic historical criticism" who needs outright Modernism!

In another episode from the life of "Catholic historian" Dr. Warren Carroll, in the below, he denies the very existence of St. Philomena and announces his approval of Opus Dei because of the strong support John Paul II gave to it in his "canonization" of Josemaria Escriva.
Again, when are "traditional Catholics" --- those who adhere to the Catholic Religion as everyone knew it prior to the mid-60s, going to lose their inferiority complexes and guilt complexes and call a spade a spade. No more calling these people, "Neo-conservatives," but rather, "Neo-Modernists."
I will have some more on Dr. Warren Carroll soon, this time from the Warren Commission Report --- did you know that the writings of Warren Carroll on "Heroism" were found in the back seat of the car that Jack Ruby drove to Dallas prison when he shot Lee Harvey Oswald? Bet you didn't. But there is much much more there.

So get ready to take down your St. Philomena statues! Pope Pius IX and St. John Vianney, also, or beloved John Vennari who had such a great devotion to St. Philomena and trust in her especially after he found out that he had terminal cancer on her feast day of August 11th, 2016 and always wore a relic of her on his person, I  guess you wasted your time with your devotion to her. But of course, the Vatican II man before there was even a Vatican II, Josemaria Escriva is undoubtedly a saint, and his work now obviously has the approval of God.

Here are Warren Carroll's judgments on the two "saints":

From the Opus Dei Website:

Dr. Warren Carroll: 
“The beatification of Josemaría Escrivá, one of the best attended events in Rome for many years, put to rest the accusations against Opus Dei, which particularly with the Pope's strong support of it, can no longer be upheld by any serious Catholic. I had questioned it myself once, but no longer do so, for these reasons” (from EWTN Catholic Q&A, May 31, 2002). Dr. Carroll is the author of A History of Christendom.

EWTN Catholic Q&A
St. Philomena
Question from Larry Robey on 04-24-2001:
I have something of a devotion to St. Philomena and notice that such devotion is rising in popularity. There are some (clergy and laity) who argue against devotion because she was removed from the liturgical calendar during Vatican II due to lack of valid historical basis for her story. However, she was canonized, and I understand that saints cannot be "de-canonized". Is this correct, and if so, technically speaking, is devotion to St. Philomena appropriate? What does the Church say specifically about devotion to St. Philomena today?
As an after thought, what is the history behind St. Christopher (the 'legendary' saint who most people will tell you is not a saint). Is St. Christopher listed in the canon of saints? Thank you! 
Answer by Dr. William Carroll on 04-25-2001:
You are correct that no one can be de-canonized. There was never a formal canonization for the alleged St. Philomena, who unfortunately almost certainly did not exist. See the article on her in the old Catholic Encyclopedia, online at http//, which no one can accuse of being Modernist. St. Christopher was removed from the calendar of saints for celebration by the universal Church because almost nothing is reliably known about him historically, but he almost certainly did ezist, and may still honored as a saint. I am sorry to disappoint you about St. Philomena, but we must learn to face up to truth in history, if we are to have any credibility as defenders of the Catholic Faith. - Dr. Carroll


  1. Absurd. They salivate to canonize pseudo-saint John Paul II even with all his actions against teh faith: Assisi, liturgical abuse, asking St. John the Baptist to protect Islam, ecumenism which implies non-Catholics can be saved without being Catholic, etc. etc. etc. but scoff at the great St. Philomena. Ridiculous. Upside-down.

  2. Having been a student there as well and over time I've concluded that Warren Carroll's New England Congregationalist upbringing imprinted upon him in very profound ways. Few would argue that he viewed history, theology, morality, etc. in a binary way. He reduced it all to a good vs. evil or hero vs. villain dichotomy. During my undergraduate days I dismissed his classes as merely "not my cup of tea". Now I see that this weltanschauung permeated the college in very damaging ways. His legacy is really a lack of critical thinking as exemplified by what you've presented in your article. Loyalty to the magisterium without a thorough understanding of what it actually means is a critical oversimplification. Christendom College has become little more than a safe outpost for neo-catholics or Modernist Catholics to send their children, most of whom will tragically learn to become unquestioning Americanists. Much more could be said about this and I look forward to your additional analysis.

  3. Diabolical disorientation. There is reason to believe that the college has been infiltrated by Opus Dei members.

  4. Warren Hasty Carroll -- crypto much, or simply Judaized shabbos goy? I tend toward the former, just by reading his (wiki) bio, wherein it is admitted, "He served at one time in the CIA's anti-communism division as a Communist propaganda analyst, ...." I think what wiki doesn't state is firstly, no one is "at one time' a CIA employee. CIA employees are forever employees of the agency. Secondly, wiki neglects to mention that the CIA was the proponent and promulgator of Communism via its funding of every radical NGO group from its inception. Thirdly, Carroll is yet another 'convert' from "Deism" according to wiki, which to my mind is code for having been born into a Jewish family.
    Of possible interest is the investigative info about Carroll found at the link below. Let me state clearly, I'm no particular fan of Lyndon Larouche, because for a guy who so often complains of plots against his life, to my knowledge, he is still breathing. However, the contents of this link (dated 2002) may be worth a reading.

  5. Pope Pius X, on May 21, 1912, extends to the whole Church the Archconfraternity of Saint Philomena. This pious association is thus proclaimed a Universal Archconfraternity. In the Apostolic Brief, with regard to the historical authenticity of Saint Philomena, he ordains that: “The current statements (regarding St. Philomena) are and remain always fixed, valid and effective; in this way it has to be judged as normative; and if it is proceeded in another way, it will be null and void, whatever its authority”.


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