Breaking News: Dr. Robert Hickson's full account of Perfidy and Betrayal at Christendom College in the critical years of 1985-1992. webmaster_24642/a-report-on- the-cumulative-events-leading- up-to-the-dismissal-of-robert- hickson-as-a-professor-of- 9ab49745cda2 

The full and dramatic account of Dr. Robert Hickson, well-known to faithful Catholics in America and throughout the world, concerning what happened to him during the critical years ---- during all of which I was either attending the college or "around" the college --- when the College seemed to change its mission. At the time, I did not realize what was going on fully. I did not understand that Hickson had to be gotten rid of because he represented and embodied ----- well, the old Christendom, by this, I mean the "old" Christian Civilization, which he had always fought for and continues to fight for --- even here in this essay, where he exposes the deep wounds which were inflicted on him during and after these years and which he has mostly kept to himself, suffering with a dignity and pudor (what the ancients treasured as an almost modest "bashfulness"), that is heroic. This full account of his trials, just posted yesterday, should provoke much commentary, self-reflection, and what is most importance ---- REPENTANCE. Certainly this latter is called for in light of the shameful treatment of Mr. Dick Seelbach and his wife, when they were so instrumental in establishing and maintaining the college in those early years.

Here is the story, linked to above. I will have further comments as I again reflect on the text. After this expose, Neo-Con Catholic Disneyland (aka Christendom College) begins to resemble a Neo-Modernist Laugh-in-the-Dark!. Thank you Dr. Robert and Dr. Maike Hickson for posting the paper, which I have linked to above.


  1. William Patrick MaynardNovember 26, 2017 at 1:10 PM

    Well that was certainly interesting reading. The intensity of the middle-aged author's love for his former teacher vying with the author's possibly libelous statements about his alma mater certainly make for an intriguing case study for any psychologist. I'll enjoy following this Catholic version of the Weinstein soap opera in the months to come. Incidentally, the Pope is well known to Catholics around the world, respected academics rarely achieve such recognition.

  2. Disrespected academics have even a harder time just getting by .

  3. Mr. Maynard, I don't know who you are, or the reason for your glib comments, but as someone once involved as a manager of Human Resources for a firm I am shocked beyond words at the grave miscarriage of Christian justice perpetrated by Dr. Fedoryka, not to mention human decency, in dismissing members of the college by letters which appear in their mailbox, without due notice or due process, and without the least regard for the fact that these are individuals either with large families or terminal illnesses.

    I know none of the history of Christendom College, nor do I know any of the individuals personally; however, I do have family members and friends who attended Christendom, and the reading of this story is nightmarish.

    There could be absolutely no justification for terminating people in this matter and with such callous disregard for them as fellow human beings, not to mention fellow Catholics.

    Without a doubt, Dr. Fedoryka will be answering to God for such abusive behavior.

    There is NOTHING which could have justified it.

    As a past Manager of Human Resources, I am well aware that employers are required to act with equity and human decency if termination of an individual is being considered, and even then it is done with consideration and compassion, not by simply sticking a letter in someone's mailbox.

    These proceedings were shameful and outrageous, REGARDLESS of what compelling reasons Dr. Fedoryka supposedly believed he had for terminating these individuals.

    1. Marie I absolutely agree with you. But not just Dr. Fedoryka, Dr. Carroll and all the others as well as some priests who were involved in Dr. Hickson's dismissal should be ashamed of their unchristian and shameful behavior. Obviously they are not very good Catholics....and know nothing about a good confession because up to now they have not asked for forgiveness. Sad. Vatican II.....need I say more.

  4. I read Dr. Hickson's story last night. It's one of the saddest stories I have ever read, both in terms of his career at Christendom and his first marriage/family. As personal as it was (as a reader I found it difficult to get through), telling it was necessary. So thank you Dr. Hickson and Mrs. Maike Hickson, you have my sympathy for what Dr. Hickson has endured, and my respect.

    That someone as accomplished as Dr. Hickson (West Point graduate, Green Beret, polyglot, PhD) could be victimized in such a way is eye-opening. I do wonder whether envy (jealousy over his accomplishments) might have been in operation here.

    There are many who suffer in silence for decades at the hands of people that the outside world thinks are just lovely, and most of these victims remain voiceless. I do believe we are at a point in our history where evil done in secret to the innocent - all kinds of evil - is being brought out into the light.

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  6. With all do respect, this is only one side of the story, especially as related to his wife, Sharon Hickson. Be prudent folks.


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