The Elephant in the Room --- What happened to Sister Lucy of Fatima? And Why do So Few Seem to Care?

Update: A collaborator has come forward who is willing to work with me in trying to attain the objective truth with regard to the "Two Lucys" question. I will update you all on how this project is progressing.  We are trying to assess the financial resources that will be needed for this investigation.

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After over a year of study and reflection on this problem of the "Two Sister Lucys," I believe that it is imperative to tackle this question and assimilate the implications of the clear preponderance of the evidence which indicates that Sister Lucia --- the actual seer of Fatima --- was gotten rid of by Vatican officials and a fake "Sister Lucy" was put in her place, one that would not object to the complete falsification of the Fatima Message that would take place in the years after 1958-1959. Not withstanding the distortion and deemphasizing of the Fatima Message, the reality of the evil currently resident in the Vatican comes more poignantly to light when we see how the highest officials in the Vatican, who undoubtedly were cued in to the substitution, act as if nothing has happened and play act "meeting with Sister Lucy." This is more than bizarre. What in the Third Secret was so jarring and threatening that you had to eliminate the real seer of Fatima and substitute someone of unknown origin to "act the role" of "Sister Lucy"?

To start off my several articles on this huge and necessary topic, I replicate below part of an article which appeared in The Fatima Crusader in October of 1992, and which gives credence to the idea that there was a substitute "Sister Lucy" --- in this case, in 1992. In other articles I shall mention the obvious physical differences between the old and the new "Sister Lucy," however here, the article mentions statements made by "Sister Lucy" in 1992 that directly contradict the entire prior Message of Fatima, what she "herself" had said --- often in tears --- prior to 1958  ---- and several unimaginable statements from a doctrinal point of view --- along with some nasty commentary on Fr. Nicholas Gruner --- would the real Sister Lucy do any of this? Sections from this critical article are below:

A False Lucy Substituted
for the True? 

by Brother Fran├žois de Marie des Anges,
CRC, October 1992
This incisive article was written shortly after the interview with "Sister Lucy" took place. There are still more facts emerging about the plotters in Fatima behind this interview. There are still several theories about it. Here we present one view which articulates the possibility that "Sister Lucy" of October 11, 1992 was in fact a fake — an impersonator — an actress.

To listen to the testimony of Cardinal Anthony Padiyara, Archbishop of Ernakulam (India), of Most Reverend Francis Michaelappa, Bishop of Mysore (now deceased, RIP) India, of Father Francisco V. Pacheco, Brazilian priest, and of Carlos Evaristo, young man of about 30 years of age, resident in Fatima, it is clear that an amazing event took place at Coimbra Carmel on Sunday, October 11, 1992. Yes, their declarations leave us envisaging what we had hitherto thought unimaginable: a criminal substitution in this holy place.
I had arrived at Fatima a few hours before with a falangist friend. There, we learned on the evening of October 10 that Cardinal Padiyara, one of the members of the Congress organized by Father Nicholas Gruner, would attempt the next day to gather from the mouth of Sister Lucy of the Immaculate Heart a declaration on the act of offering of March 25, 1984. On their return from Coimbra, on October 11 and 12, that prelate and his three companions testified to what they saw and heard at the Carmel convent during an interview with a religious who was presented to them as being the seer of Fatima.
This is an abridged account of our conversation with Carlos Evaristo on his return. "Just before noon, we entered the chapel of the Coimbra Carmel. I said to an extern Sister: 'Cardinal Padiyara is here and would like to meet Sister Lucy.' 'Why did you not announce in advance your coming?' she asked me. 'Because a Cardinal is a prince of the Church and has no need of authorization for a meeting.' 'I am well aware of that. But all our parlors are occupied. Wait. We are going to get something ready ... but is he a real Cardinal?' 'You want us to confirm his identity. You think he is not a real Cardinal?' 'Oh, no, no, no.' The Religious left, then she returned saying: 'Sister Lucy will receive you.' They opened the door. Sister Lucy was there, on the right, and the Mother Prioress on the left. I presented the Cardinal to Lucy, and we went into a room where there were some chairs and a large statue of St. Theresa. The Mother Prioress did not utter one word during the conversation. She came and went. Sister Lucy had said to her: 'You may stay. I would like you to be here'." I asked: "How much time passed between your asking to see Sister Lucy and the moment you actually met her?" Evaristo: "Five minutes." "Were Father Gruner's entourage and the bishops participating in his Congress — were they informed, like us, as early as Saturday, that Cardinal Padiyara would go to the Coimbra Carmel the next day?"; "Yes, they knew ... At the Carmel, the Cardinal, the bishop and the priest were very nervous. The Cardinal put the two questions to Sister Lucy — questions which you had drafted. Firstly: 'Was the Consecration of Russia done as Our Lady wishes it?' I translated, and Sister Lucy answered: 'Yes, yes, yes!'" three times. Carlos Evaristo added objections: "Sister Lucy, John Paul II did not mention Russia specifically?" — "IT WAS NOT NECESSARY. It is the intention that counts and God knows that the intention of the Pope was to consecrate Russia. Those persons who say that the Consecration and the conversion of Russia must be something of the greatest importance are mistaken. That is disinformation." I interrupted: "What proof can you give us that you were in the presence of Sister Lucy?" — "I took some photos." — "What distinctive signs enabled you to recognize Sister Lucy?" "It was her. There is no doubt about it. I touched her face. I embraced her. Sister Lucy said: 'Our Lady never wanted the Third Secret to be revealed to the world. The Secret is for the Pope'.' I said ..." — "So it wasn't the Cardinal who spoke during the interview?" — "The Cardinal asked your questions and then seemed to be almost asleep. Sister Lucy said: 'Only 2 wars are mentioned in the Message of Fatima.' I asked her: 'So there will be no more wars?' She replied: 'Oh, no ... But Our Lady spoke of two wars, that of 1914-18 and the Second World War, which was a very bad war, against God and against the Jews who are also God's people. Our Lady never mentioned civil or political wars'."
Our friend and I were astounded. It was going too far. It is a contradiction of one of the essential prophecies of the Secret: "Russia will spread her errors throughout the world, provoking wars ..." Our falangist friend burst out: "It was not Sister Lucy!" Carlos: "I beg your pardon ..." I emphasized: "All possible hypotheses must be envisaged. You have no decisive proof that you were in the presence of Sister Lucy." Carlos explained: "She was seated opposite me. She held my hand like this for two hours." Brother Fran├žois: "Your hands; she held your hands?" The falangist: "A cloistered nun holding his hand, like that, for two hours ..."
Carlos Evaristo, Bishop Michaelappa and the Brazilian priest testified to having heard several other more than surprising declarations from the alleged seer.


  1. Most interesting and certainly makes sense (in light of the suppression of truth). Have the photographs undergone expert analysis to determine if they are of different people?


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