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Tucker: This is scary. Who is going to get Tucker to look into the much more scary Sister Lucy Imposter Case?


Question: How Much More Will it Take to Make People Realize the Situation We Are In? L:et me explain something to Jorge Mario Bergoglio. Sodomy, Heresy, and Apostasy ARE CRIMES against the Eternal, Divine, and Natural Laws. They WOULD BE Crimes Against the Human Positive Law if we were working for "Thy Kingdom Come" seriously. Waiting for Church Militant and John Salza to tell us if they are in full communion with this one!


Archbishop Vigano Identifies the Current Situation as the One Referred to by Pope Leo XIII's Exorcism Prayer and the Prophecy of Our Lady of La Salette: There they have placed the throne of their abomination and impiety, so that by striking the Shepherd they might also scatter the flock.


Russian military prepares for conflict with neocons and NATO. Top-Level Meetings in Moscow Indicate that the "Dress Rehearsal" for World War III has ended. Remember the Invasion of Serbia in WWI and that of Poland in WWII. Invasion of Ukraine in 2022 --- both by the Russians AND the West -- seems to be at the same geo-political level.


John-Henry Westen Blogs an Article for the 10th Most Viewed Interview on LifeSite News. After Less than a Month and 1/2, over 157,000 views!


"Proselytizing Christians are not Christians....but pagans!" "Catholic Answers" had better take down more than just their baseless dismissal of the findings of Sister Lucy Truth if this man is to be believed. Catholics don't need answers, I guess, just a certain sparkle in the eye is good enough! Jimmy your office!

Here is the Link to the cutting Novus Ordo Watch article and podcast: Here is the Wednesday audience's punch line, in contradistinction to everything that has been upheld and taught by the Church since Our Lord Jesus Christ preached, the Apostles preached and were martyred, and the Fathers, Doctors, and every single pope, bishop, priest, and lay apologist has done for 2 millennia. Instead we get this from Francis: Don’t forget this: when you see Christians proselytising, making a list of people to come…  these are not Christians, they are pagans disguised as Christians, but the heart is pagan . 

Roger Stone Reveals that Jim Garrison Was RIGHT. Says that Watergate Tapes Demonstrate that Nixon KNEW about the CIA's Involvement with the Kennedy Assassination and, also, of Jerry Ford's and the FB's J. Edgar Hoover's Work to Cover it Up.


Latest Interview with Dr. Peter Chojnowski by Robert Morningstar Removed From YouTube. Don't Know Exactly Why. Is it Something He Said Or Something I Said?

The 3 Secrets of Fatima & The Abduction of Sister Lucy with Robert Morningstar & Peter Chojnowski

Catholic Answers has, well, NO ANSWERS for the Question of the Two Sister Lucys. Follow their link and get NO WHERE!

Image My son assumes that this is Jimmy Akins, "Unless they all look like that!"

Vatican Opens Up Investigation into the Emanuela Orlandi Case. This Follows the Opening of an Italian Parliamentary Investigation into the Case. There is ANOTHER CASE that the Vatican Might Look into, but ...........This Happened At An Opus Dei CONVENT.............

Image This was the part of the case that I had not heard of before:  "Then in 2012, the Vatican’s chief exorcist Gabriele Amorth claimed Orlandi was kidnapped by Vatican police as part of a sex  ring." Also, there is a demonstration for Emanuela Orlandi that is supposed to take place on January 14th at St. Peter's Square.