"Sister Lucy Truth Memes"- A Collection-In HD


  1. Benedict XVI needs to come clean before he die. He knows all about what happened to the real Sister Lucy. He knows about the Jewish Kabbalah faggot Paul VI and communist John XXIII and the double-life agent cabal John Paul II... All the thugs and perverted of the Synagogue of Satan have entered the church from within with his assistance. He praises and promotes NWO which is
    the religion of Lucifer of the Jewish communist-Cabals... He needs to come clean quick, for billions souls that he sent to hell will be his verdict... No way he will escape that. PRAY FOR HIM TO REPENT QUICKLY BEFORE HE DIE. HIS JUDGMENT DAY, HIS DAY IS SO NEAR AND HE IS SO WEAK TO OVERCOME THE POWER OF THE DEVILS AROUND HIM. WE NEED TO PRAY FOR HIM.


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