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Francis Renounces Doctrine, Hierarchy, Order, Christ as Light of Truth to the World Through His Apostles, the Charity of Bringing the Faith to Others, and is left with..............Ringing the Salvation Army Bell in front of Wal-Mart?

Image Dr.  Chojnowski: Continuing our commentary on the speech by Francis to the 21st general assembly of Caritas Internationalis  on May 24, 2019. First, let's present the next part of Francis' speech. Commentary will follow each section of the speech. Just in case there is any confusion, his text is in black and my commentary is in red! Jesus intentionally omitted telling his disciples many things so that the Church would learn to renounce the desire for clarity and order, the pope  told  participants in the 21st general assembly of  Caritas Internationalis , the Church’s global charitable outreach. Contrary to Our Lord Jesus Christ's statement in front of Pilate that He came to testify to the Truth, provoking Pilate's subjectivist response,"What is Truth?," Francis would have us believe that Our Lord had no desire to teach truth in all its clarity, and let us state

Here We Go Again: Francis Explicitly Denies What the Church is All About and the Neo-Cons and the Neo-Trads Shout AMBIGUITY!!!!

Even the Children Themselves Cry Out ! Update:  It is a mistake for the Church to try to hold onto old traditions or to have clear answers for everything, Pope Francis said Thursday. Dr. Chojnowski: We are so used to hearing abominations from Francis that we let them pass now as if they are just more expected static. If we really consider this statement, cited in the article below, we can see that it denies the very foundation of the Christian Faith and the Life of the Church. Dare I ask, what is the Holy Roman Catholic and Apostolic Church about if not for preserving "old traditions" (i.e., Sacred Tradition coming from God the Son and God the Holy Ghost through the Apostles and their lawful successors --- and all of the traditions uses to surround and uphold the Sacred Deposit the Faith and the Life of Sacramental Grace) and "hav[ing] clear answers for everything" (i.e., 2,000 years of preserving the specifics of definitive Catholic doctrine. This was th

From the "I Don't Know You!" File: New Book Testifies to the New Montinian Church Take-Over of Fatima on May 13, 1967. Paul VI Clearly Wanted to Make Fatima All About Him. Just as John Paul II Wanted to Make the Third Secret All About Himself and the Attempt on His Life.

Move Over Sister Lucy, You are Blocking the Crowd's View of Me! Sister, You are blocking the Camera!  Dr. Chojnowski: There is a short section from a newly published book entitled, Vatican II Exposed as Counterfeit Catholicism, written by two brothers who are priests of the CMRI, Fr. Francisco Radecki and Fr. Dominic Radecki, which directly concerns the strange "meeting" between Paul VI and the new woman who was being put forward as "Sister Lucy." What is clear from this information is that Paul VI intended to use the event of the 50th Anniversary of the Apparitions of Fatima, to hijack Fatima so that it could be used --- not to attack and undermine NewChurch --- but rather, to endorse it and "normalize" it in the minds of devote Catholics. Even though, as Frs. Radecki point out, Paul VI totally turned the entire event to his own agenda and paid little or no attention to the Fatima Message, the Conversion of Russia, the Apparition and its

Our Lady, Woman and Warrior: The Antidote to Feminism

OUR LADY:  WOMAN AND WARRIOR: The Antidote to Feminism By: Dr. Peter E. Chojnowski May 19, 2019 Feast of St. Pudentiana When researching the subject of the Blessed Virgin Mary, what is most obvious is the wealth of material which one must grapple with and, secondly, the greater and greater degree of doctrinal and dogmatic definitiveness with which the Catholic Church has presented to the faithful the complete reality of the Mother of God. Whereas, by the seventh century, the doctrinal questions concerning the nature and person of Our Lord Jesus Christ had been resolved by the first six Ecumenical Councils of the Church, the doctrinal and dogmatic clarification concerning the Blessed Virgin Mary continued into the nineteenth and twentieth century (e.g., the dogmatic definitions of the Immaculate Conception and the Assumption), and we can even assert that such an attempt at clarification continues into our own (e.g., concerning Our Lady as Co-Redemptrix  and Mediatrix

SSPX Rejects "Open Letter to the Bishops of the Catholic Church." Advises Neo-Con and Neo-Trad Signatories to Focus on Doctrinal Deviations of Francis and all Conciliar popes. Urges them to Seek Problem In Vatican II and Pre-Conciliar Modernism and Liberalism.

Regarding the Open Letter to the Bishops of the Catholic Church  MAY 17, 2019 SOURCE:  FSSPX.NEWS On Tuesday, April 30, 2019, twenty or so Catholic theologians and university professors published an  Open Letter to the Bishops of the Catholic Church , inviting them to intervene with Pope Francis, to ask him to renounce the heresies of which he is accused. In case he persists, the canonical crime of heresy would be established, and the pope would then be “subject to the canonical consequences.” The summary published by the authors explains this last point: if Francis obstinately refuses to renounce his heresies, the bishop will then be asked to declare “that he is freely divested of the papacy.” This summary also explains that this Letter is the third step of a process that began in the summer of 2016. The first consisted of a private letter with 45 signatories, addressed to all the cardinals and eastern patriarchs and denouncing the heresies or grave errors held or suppor

From the "He Ain't My Saint" File: More Creepy Content From the May 13, 1967 Meeting between Paul VI and the Imposter Sister Lucy. See For Yourself Why the Vatican II Sect is Just....Well...Weird.

Did Paul VI's Masonic Brethren Cut off His Finger-tips or is this Just Further Evidence of "Cut and Pasting" Your Way to Fraud. Question. What did you do with Sister Lucy dos Santos? We thank a reader for this creepy close-up of Paul VI's hand which is from the cut and paste photo of a non-event. Even though the fake Sister Lucy was at Fatima on May 13, 1967, people were allowed to see very little of her during this event because, well, it wasn't actually "her." We have shown in the past how this picture with Paul VI has the fake Sister Lucy cut and pasted in ---- over a television camera. With this close up of the hands of Paul VI, we can see that his ring finger and his middle finger are both squared and ridiculously narrow at their base. If you look at his thumb on his left hand, you can see a black inserted background which separates the thumb from what should be the white part of the habit of the cut and pasted