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Fr. Hesse Acknowledged the "Third Secret" Revealed in 2000 was a Vatican Hoax. Points the Finger at Cardinal Ratzinger. Question: Why did he believe in what many accept to be the Hoax of the later "Sister Lucy"?


Complete Edition of Fr. Paul Kramer's book Heretic Pope? to be Published Soon. Here is a direct link to an Earlier Edition of this Critical and Definitive Refutation of Salza and Siscoe. And Remember, Fr. Nicholas Gruner was Going to be a Co-Author If He had lived to See this Day.

Here is the very first paragraphs of Fr. Kramer's work. No matter how you apply it, let us all just accept the obvious nature of the Catholic doctrine on this subject. Here are the two first paragraphs and then a link to an incomplete edition of the book is below: The sin of Heresy per se, like apostasy and schism, has the intrinsic effect of separating the heretic from the Church by itself, without any ecclesiastical censure or judgment; and is distinguished from other sins which do not by their very nature, separate the sinner from the body of the Church; and who, therefore, for grave offenses can only be separated from the Church by a sentence of excommunication incurred or inflicted by legitimate ecclesiastical authority. This is the infallible teaching of the universal magisterium of the Church which must be believed de fide divina et Catholica under pain of heresy, as is proven and demonstrated below. St. Pius V teaches in the Roman Catechism: "Heretics and schism

Another Interview with Ronald Bernard About the Dominance of Occult-Conected Finance Over the New World Order. We don't need to agree with his apparent New Age spirituality to recognize the importance of his testimony.


Robert Siscoe Fully Identifies Novus Ordo Modernist church as the Catholic Church. Attacks Bishop Tissier's and Archbishop Lefebvre's Distinction between Catholic Church and Conciliar "Church". Obvious Logical Conclusion: Stick with or Join Again the Novus Ordo Sect and Accept the Idea (Heresy) that the Catholic Church Is both the Church of God and the Church of Heresy AT THE SAME TIME.

Here below is an exchange between Robert Siscoe and Fr. Francois Chazal over the question of what has been happening over the course of the last 60 years. From what we read, Mr. Siscoe acts as if the last 110 YEARS HAVE NOT HAPPENED. As if we are in the days of St. Pius X when we could merely say that the institutional Church was being infiltrated by hidden evil men. Such an analysis ---- along with allowing the Catholic Church to be filled with public apostates and heretics, totally ignores the fact that for almost 60 years we have had an endless stream of "official" deviations from the infallible and ancient faith of the Apostles and from (for example, with the new rite of episcopal consecration) even what had been definitively decreed only decades before by Pope Pius XII.  How many times do I need to put up the video of Archbishop Lefebvre saying that "Rome is in Apostasy"? How can the Church of Christ be the Pure Bride of Christ if MOST ALL  of Her

UPDATE; "The Extirpation of the R & R Heresy by the Pastor, Fr. Ringrose" Anti-R&R Headlines Keep Coming out of St. Athanasius Church, Vienna, Virginia

St. Athanasius News Pentecost Sunday Bulletin : Indefectiblity Defined  From: William Platz ~ Vienna VA.  St. Athanasius Church. The Extirpation of the R & R Heresy by the Pastor, Fr. Ringrose. Greetings Friends:  You are receiving this email because you are friends of Fr. Ringrose and St. Athanasius Church or because of your friends who are here.  If you are unfamiliar with our recent events you may want to first scroll down to the links near the bottom which  will connect you to the context and the backstory. Otherwise just proceed to the next paragraph which is the announcement of Father Ringrose, Pastor, in this past Sunday Bulletin continuing with the work of rooting out the R&R heresy. 20 May 2018 From Fr Ringrose in the Sunday Bulletin for Pentecost Sunday : [QUOTE:] This work continues, even in these dark days! We must remember, by the promise of Christ, not only that the Church will last until the end of time, but that she will never

Sweden and Baltic States Prepare for War with Russia. Something is Unfolding that We are Not being Told About.

Dr. Chojnowski: Do they know something that is being kept from us in the usually isolated and  ill-informed  US? While Sweden is preparing their people for war in a pamphlet not put out since the height of the Cold War and  during World War II, the Baltic States are "asking" for a larger troop presence by the United States. In other words, if the Russians invaded Estonia or Lithuania, we will be at war with the threat of nuclear conflict. Will the US government ever prepare the citizenry for war? Russia is the obvious enemy. Being defended against or being provoked into war? Here is the story from the Guardian:  sweden-distributes-be-prepared-for-war-cyber-terror-attack-leaflet-to-every-home Sweden distributes 'be prepared for war' leaflet to all 4.8m homes Defence pamphlet shows how population can prepare in event of attack and contribute to country’s ‘total defence’ Jon Henley  European affairs correspondent   @jonhenley Mon 21 May 2018