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Coincidence? Did Fr. Kramer's Criticism of Francis Produce Fatima Center Split? It Seems So.

We have had a bit of interesting information provided to us by one of our readers. On August 28th, the same day that we were informed that the Canadian Branch of the Fatima Center had cut off the American Branch of Fr. Gruner's work, our reader sent a video to  someone at the Fatima Center (Fort Erie, Ontario) of Fr. Paul Kramer describing the meeting between Russia's Vladimir Putin and Francis I in Rome in 2013. In this meeting, according to Fr. Kramer's diplomatic and Vatican sources, Putin actually asked Francis about the Consecration of Russia to be done. Francis responded by saying, "We will not speak of Fatima!" Fr. Kramer then mentions a statement of a high level Vatican official who says to a Russian intelligent agent that, "We will crush Fatima!"
Our reader also sent to a contact in the Fatima Center information about Fr. Kramer's Facebook page on which are posted articles that argue for the position of Resignationism, which holds that Ben…

New Order "Sister Lucy": An Obvious Fraud that Cries Out for Scientific Verification

I have posted a video of "Sister Lucy" receiving communion from John Paul II at Fatima. The worshipful reverence which she shows to the man that putatively just handed "Sister Lucy" Our Eucharistic Lord is odd to the extreme. Can this possibly be the woman who in 1916 had an angel appear to her and her two friends Jacinta and Francisco and had the angel prostrate himself before the Blessed Sacrament which appeared for their worship? Is the hand that gives you communion more venerable then the Eucharistic Lord that you believe to be the God Incarnate Himself? Would you then demand to stay on the altar when you know that it is not the place of a cloistered nun or even a woman at all, to be in the sanctuary?
Also, consider the demonstrative and public-comfortable "Sister Lucy" with her photogenic affability. Compare this to the pictures and accounts of the extremely reserved and solemn Sister Lucy of the 40s and 50s. You have two different women that seem …

Fatima Center Splits: What are the "controversies that would distract"?

Fatima Center Splits After Fr. Paul Kramer DISINVITED to California Conference....Details to follow soon.

The Elephant in the Room --- What happened to Sister Lucy of Fatima? And Why do So Few Seem to Care?

Update: A collaborator has come forward who is willing to work with me in trying to attain the objective truth with regard to the "Two Lucys" question. I will update you all on how this project is progressing.  We are trying to assess the financial resources that will be needed for this investigation. Dear Readers, After over a year of study and reflection on this problem of the "Two Sister Lucys," I believe that it is imperative to tackle this question and assimilate the implications of the clear preponderance of the evidence which indicates that Sister Lucia --- the actual seer of Fatima --- was gotten rid of by Vatican officials and a fake "Sister Lucy" was put in her place, one that would not object to the complete falsification of the Fatima Message that would take place in the years after 1958-1959. Not withstanding the distortion and deemphasizing of the Fatima Message, the reality of the evil currently resident in the Vatican comes more poignantly…

Descartes' Dream: Where Modernism Began --- As if It Mattered!

Descartes' Dream: From Sense to Nonsense

It is not surprising that the philosophical-theological error that we refer to as "modernism" should begin with a dream. The dream, or actually a set of three consecutive dreams, happened on the night of November 10, 1619, the vigil of the Feast of St. Martin of Tours, which was a time of great feasting in the France of Rene Descartes's time. We are right to wonder whether Descartes "protests too much," when he asserted in his autobiographical work that he had abstained from wine for some time before the night of his famous dreams. What he does admit, however, is that for several days prior to his experience, which would transform the basic orientation of philosophy, he had felt a "steady rise of temperature in his head."1
The young Descartes, some 23 years old when he found himself on that cold November's night "shut up alone in a stove-heated room (poĂȘle)"had been quite an eccentric in his ear…

As if Modernism Mattered: Archbishop Lefebvre on the Infiltration of Modernism in the Institutional Organization of the Catholic Church

The Infiltration of Modernism In The Church The commentary in the brackets is my own; I have also put in bold the sections of the conference that I want to emphasize. It is important for all sides to recognize what Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre actually thought and said. Here we have a conference given  in 1982, when the struggle over the existence of Tradition was full on.

The Infiltration of Modernism In The Church
The following conference was given by Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre at Montreal, Canada in 1982. It demonstrates by personal experience the tragic corruption of modernism right from the time of Pope Pius XI. The Archbishop describes the extraordinary influence of Monsignor Annibale Bugnini in the framing of the New Mass and how his unprecedented daring brought about the “approval” of this protestantized liturgy. We present it to our readers to allow them to share a more personal viewpoint of the Archbishop’s battle for the Church and for the Faith.

Brief History  
I’m happy to re…