Sweden and Baltic States Prepare for War with Russia. Something is Unfolding that We are Not being Told About.

Dr. Chojnowski: Do they know something that is being kept from us in the usually isolated and ill-informed US? While Sweden is preparing their people for war in a pamphlet not put out since the height of the Cold War and during World War II, the Baltic States are "asking" for a larger troop presence by the United States. In other words, if the Russians invaded Estonia or Lithuania, we will be at war with the threat of nuclear conflict. Will the US government ever prepare the citizenry for war? Russia is the obvious enemy. Being defended against or being provoked into war? Here is the story from the Guardian:  sweden-distributes-be-prepared-for-war-cyber-terror-attack-leaflet-to-every-home Sweden distributes 'be prepared for war' leaflet to all 4.8m homes Defence pamphlet shows how population can prepare in event of attack and contribute to country’s ‘total defence’  European affairs correspondent @jonhenley Mon 21 May 2018 08.36 EDTLast modified on Mon 21 May 20…

Pentecost Monday: Sister Lucy Truth's Contract with Investigator Officially Begins. Now We Get Serious.

Dr. Chojnowski: Sister Lucy Truth's contract with the Investigator hired to probe whether or not Sister Lucy I (pre-1958) is the same person as Sister Lucy II (post-1958) officially has taken effect today. Remember, the first part of the investigation will deal with the photographic evidence and any other that the investigator can attain. Here he will be employing the latest in facial recognition and biometric technologies. Believe me, his list of cooperators and sources is impressive.

As I have mentioned before, if he should find, based on the empirical evidence, that we are looking at two different women pre- and post-1958, then he said he will both find out what happened to the first one and also find out who the second woman was.

I need about $6,000 more to ensure a complete investigation into the case. We have already paid the initial amount to get the investigation going.

To contribute to Sister Lucy Truth please donate via the Donate icon on the side by, which you can get …

EU Revolts Against US Zionist Foreign Policy. Well at least we will still have Israel......and Australia as Our Voluntary Allies. The Geo-political Tectonic Plates Begin to Shift.

The Latest from Zero Hedge Pointing to the Deepening US and EU Divide. Apparently the United States is satisfied losing its European allies in order to go it alone with Israel. Of course, We still have the Federal Reserve, the CIA, and the Military/Security Complex to Impose the Will of the Neo-Conservatives. Also, the Australians seem content carrying the water of the Neo-Cons and Israel by voting against a condemnation of Israel's violence against the Palestinians.
Also, see the new video interview with Gerald Celente who Predicts a New War in the Middle East which will Crash the Meta-Leveraged Stock Market.

Brussels Rises In Revolt Against Washington: A Turning Point In US-European Relations

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